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From a blog by Catherine Durant Stewardship 

As many of you may know, a big part of Stewardship's mission is to inspire generosity e.g.40Acts,  One of their team, Catherine has written the following blog about an innovative idea - a generosity kit.

Firstly, what is a generosity kit? 

A generosity kit could be as big as a suitcase or as small as your back pocket.  The idea is just that you face the day prepared – with a kit of items that could range from a safety pin to a shovel, ready to give out generously to those in need.

Creating a generosity kit is a conscious decision to be generous in a practical and tangible way. Think about what kind of things might benefit the people you meet day-to-day or the situations you might find yourself in. 

Here are some suggestions to get you started:


This is an easy way to start.  Include the small but essential things that you can carry with you – perhaps try to think of practical things that people often forget or misplace.  A spare plastic bag, a trolley token for the supermarket or even an umbrella for a rainy day?  Consider smaller useful things that could make a difference to someone such as pain killers, plasters or tissues. 


If you spend long periods of time on the road or are often out and about in the car, you could pack a kit designed to help other drivers.  Store tools in your boot such as jump leads, a torch or a pump.  You may already keep these in your car for your own use, so think about what you could add (a high vis jacket or a warning triangle for instance) and keep an eye out for those in trouble on the side of the road who might need your help.


If you know that you often come across people on the streets who are struggling with homelessness then you could prepare a kit geared to their needs.  In winter, gloves, hats or blankets may be well received.  Include non perishable food such as chocolate or snack bars or why not think about loaded gift cards for a local café – providing food as well as warmth and shelter?


A different angle could be to bring things that you know will cheer up or give someone a boost.  What would be a treat for the people you’ll see?  Perhaps some sweets or a small gift, a book that you’ve loved and would like to pass on, or tokens that might benefit somebody else more than you.


Why not carry something as a discussion starter to explain your faith or a pocket-sized copy of a gospel.  Intentionally carrying something may act as a reminder to seize opportunities and talk to people about Jesus.

These are just a few ideas you could use but we’d love to hear your own suggestions and see your generosity kits.  You can always share them with us on our Whatsapp number +447468 404040.

You could really brighten someone's day as you meet needs. It also makes you more aware of others as you look for opportunities to help.

Why not prepare a kit today?

Why not also use Seasons of Giving - a generosity resource from Stewardship for small groups and churches. Using the connected themes of time and seasons, Seasons of Giving studies the rich variety of generosity in the Bible, drawing out key principles and wisdom for small groups to grapple with.

"Generosity is at the heart of the Christian faith. It sparked Creation, fuelled Salvation and is intrinsic to any understanding of the Trinity. Seasons of Giving is a great opportunity to be re-inspired by the value of generosity, from time and talents to money and possessions." Mike O'Neill, CEO Stewardship

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