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I hope you find the latest blogs below of interest, please pass on to colleagues and/or use the material in your bulletins. This newsletter is stored here for ease of linking if you want people to access all the information.

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Hot Topics
That night, I had a dream  
I said to God, “Jesus if you’re real, I need to see you”. That night when I was sleeping, I had a dream. I was standing in a courtroom and I was waiting to be judged...
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Are micro-churches just small groups with a different name?  
There really is a big difference between typical small groups and micro-churches. A look at 4 differences; what is church, reasons to gather, discipleship and equipping, and empowerment.
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Social Renewal
Digital Compass
A behaviourally informed programme, designed with young people to help them behave ethically online. A positive impact on their online experiences; knowledge, new coping strategies, responsibility, consequences of their actions.
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Do less and feel good about it 
During the pandemic we experienced a period of less and as we come out of that period, there could be a tendency to add, to get busy, to fill our time. 5 key insights as to why we do this and how to prevent..
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Marketplace Renewal
Selling as a way to bless customers  
How do you see sales or how do you see the act of selling? What if it was actually a way to serve, or bless others? Reaching out to a customer as a friend. Effectively putting love into it...
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Community businesses - helping make places better 
"With their ability to adapt and respond swiftly to their communities’ changing needs, community businesses are playing an integral role in levelling up the country towards a fairer economy."
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Life Chances
Overcoming generational poverty   
Ruth Beltran was at the end of herself. After leaving an abusive relationship, a single mother of six struggling to make ends meet. She was living in a car with her children. Then she met the Salvation Army and all changed.
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3 reasons you may struggle with close relationships
Mary was raised in a chaotic alcoholic home, witnessing long-term domestic abuse. From lived experience and study, she describes why finding, maintaining close friendships seemed to be so challenging. 
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Online - Just Economy? How should the economy be reordered to work for the common good? - 6:30pm 23 May
It is clear that the socio-economic model of the last forty years is becoming increasingly unstable and is failing to serve society, with many of our most vulnerable communities taking the brunt of the latest crisis. Economic reform is often discussed, but how should it be done? Which approaches are consistent with Christianity? The answer is not obvious, and with a General Election only a year away, it is becoming increasingly important.
An acknowledged expert in social thought and political economy, Adrian Pabst is among the leading figures seeding a growing cross party consensus around economic and civic renewal and is well-placed to provide first-hand insight into the policies being discussed.
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In-Person - Introduction to 'Growing Good' - 1:30pm - 24 May - London
A half day workshop introducing “Growing Good” – a toolkit helping churches explore the connection between social action, discipleship and growth. In partnership with the Church Urban Fund and Diocese of Southwark.
Find out about the GRA:CE project, three years of research that explored the connections between social action, discipleship and church growth. Discover the Growing Good Toolkit, a free 6-session course for churches that want to grow new connections and make a difference. Meet churches that have used the Toolkit and hear about the impact it’s had on their congregations and communities.
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In-Person - Not Forgotten: Finding Treasure on the Margins - 12pm 7 Jun - 2pm 8 Jun - Swanwick
If you are involved in planting and pioneering in urban estates, or are interested in learning from those who are, join us for 24 hours. There will be space for prayer and worship, time to build and renew friendships and a line up of speakers who will be telling their stories and bringing us inspiration. All hosted by Emmanuel Theological College and the Estates Evangelism Task Group.
We will gather pioneering urban practitioners with key thinkers and leaders in the church for a time of equipping, theological reflection and inspiration as we pray, listen, share stories and consider what God is doing in the often forgotten places.  
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In-Person - Gather Movement Summit 2023 - 9:30am - 8 Jun - Sheffield
A one-day Summit for leaders involved in church unity and city transformation
You’ll leave the Summit with:
- a clearer prophetic vision of what your place could look like in the short term but also in the next 20 years.
- new connections, friendships and relationships that will help you in your calling.
- clear steps on how you can move unity forward in your place.
- ideas and practical tools to make a difference in your place.
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Online - Unreached23 - The Peacebuilding Imperative - 6pm 9 Jun - 4pm 10 Jun
The focus will be on God’s mission to create peace between all peoples, through Jesus Christ, and how we can play our part.
As every year, there will also be a wide range of seminars and break-out spaces with mission practitioners from across the globe, sharing their wisdom for wherever you find yourself on the cross-cultural journey.
“All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation.” II Corinthians 5:18 
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