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Articles giving evidence and insights into social issues and activities of churches in our communities in the UK and overseas.


Bad News 492
Why news is so negative
If a headline reads, "Some very sad, terrible news to share", it's hard to resist opening the article. It makes an important point though - consuming news of the awful is addictive. What are effects? More ...
From an article on Readtangle
Incentives 492
Incentives to donate
Studies have shown that donors strongly prefer charities with low overhead regardless of cost-effectiveness i.e. impact. How can you incent donors to give towards impact? An experiment.. More ...
From an article by Behavioral Scientist
Less 492
Do less and feel good about it 
During the pandemic we experienced a period of less and as we come out of that period, there could be a tendency to add, to get busy, to fill our time. 5 key insights as to why we do this and how to prevent.. More ...
From an article by The Next Big Idea Club
Compass 492
Digital Compass
A behaviourally informed programme, designed with young people to help them behave ethically online. A positive impact on their online experiences; knowledge, new coping strategies, responsibility, consequences of their actions. More ...
From an article by the Behavioral Insights Team
Infrastructure 492
Space for community: strengthening our social infrastructure 
"Social infrastructure is central to providing hope and support for communities, particularly when led by individuals with a deep understanding of and connection to those communities.” More ...
From a study published by The British Academy, Pow
Engagement 492
From community involvement to community engagement
Transformational community-driven engagement shares power with community and is built on trust, transparency, and mutual accountability. Shifting power to the community can be done in a variety of ways. More ...
From a report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundatio
Prayer 6 492
What happens when we pray
We've been praying from the year 2000 for the transformation of our city, Liverpool. We're just seeing transformation after transformation after transformation. Don't be afraid to pray big prayers. More ...
From a video by Stronger Network
Strasbourg 492
What if your local government budget was aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
Since 2019, budgets of Strasbourg have been mapped to the SDGs. It's given greater legitimacy to local actions through clear objectives and increasing impact. More ...
From an article by Apolitical
Regret 1 492
Four core regrets in life
“How often do you look back in your life and wish you had done something differently?” Analysis of 23,000 regrets from around world show four core regrets and how regret, while painful in the moment, can help us move forward. More ...
From an article by Behavioural Scientist and other
Community 7 492
6 keys of connection: turning your neighbourhood into a community 
Neighbours are a wellspring of abilities, knowledge, passions, experiences. When we encourage, support, share, enjoy neighbours, we put the world to rights on our street, build connection. More ...
From an article by the Good Men Project
Science 492
Can a scientist believe in miracles? 
“When I was an atheist, I'd get cross at discussions…on how Jesus’s miracles could be physically explained. To me, once you believe in God, a supernatural being, then it’s obvious that supernatural stuff can happen." More ...
From an article by The Faraday Institute
Thriving 1 492
Thriving Cities (or towns)
What does it mean and take to thrive in my city, and how can I contribute? Six areas of community wealth and well-being: Truth, Prosperity, Good, Justice and Order, Beauty and Sustainability. More ...
From a report by the Institute for Advanced Studie
Sharp 492
A social enterprise that helps young people from diverse working-class backgrounds into the creative, digital, tech and film industries. “I’m really sometimes overwhelmed by what these young people achieve when we do make an intervention." More ...
From an article on Pioneers Post
Hawaii 492
City transformation
One thing we have learned is that when you have purpose plus unity plus communication, you have unlimited potential. We, the Ekklesia and authorities and others, have the same vision - to see our city transformed. God is connecting us. More ...
From a session at the Transform Our World 2022 con
Agents 492
Agents of Flourishing - pursuing shalom in every corner of society
Six areas; the True - knowledge, learning, Prosperous - economic life, Good - social mores, ethics, Just and Well-Ordered - political, civic life, Beautiful - creativity, design, Sustainable - natural, physical health. More ...
From a talk at Q Ideas
Philadelphia 492
'My city is God's city'
Can we see a harvest of people coming to Jesus in our town or city? Being transformed by the life changing gospel of Jesus? Bringing about healing in the city that we love, in the city that He loves? Declaration, prayer, blessing. More ...
From an initiative in Philadelphia, USA
change 2 492
Making Change: What Works
Movements change the world. Throughout history, loosely organised networks of individuals and organisations have sought changes to societies – and won. What can we learn from success or failure? More ...
From research by IPPR
Shifts 492
Four key shifts facing the Church
"What would a collaborative, dynamic, authentic, sacrificial, generative and innovative community of Christlike leaders look like?" Four key shifts could help transition to answers to this question. They are.. More ...
From an essay by Rich Robinson
Friendship 492
What do friends have to do with economic mobility? 
Social capital-the strength of one's social network, community-is a determinant of outcomes from education to health. A study reveals importance of friendships across socioeconomic class lines and more... More ...
From an article by Behavioural Scientist
prayer 5 492
Praying for patients
"Am I allowed to share my faith and pray with patients? What if I get struck off?" Pray with people, but at their request. Respond to people's questions with compassion and respect. A look at what the Bible and professional bodies do and do not say.. More ...
From an article by the Christian Medical Fellowshi
Hope 2 492
When hope shows up 
Hope seems unreasonable and, at times, irrational. When our hope is tethered to the one who brings life, innovation, beauty, creativity out of nothing, our hope serves as a symbol that a promise made will always be a promise kept. More ...
From a talk at Q Ideas
Secret 492
When do your secrets hurt your wellbeing? 
While there is nothing inherently wrong with having secrets - it depends what the secret is and what revealing involves - the more burdensome it is for you to keep, the more likely it will affect your well-being. More ...
From an article in Greater Good magazine
Climate 2 492
Climate Emergency Toolkit 
Provides a route map for your whole church or organisation to respond to the climate emergency. There are three simple but powerful actions that will have an impact far beyond your own walls... More ...
Produced by Tearfund in partnership
Wysa 492
Wysa - Ai-based mental health support
In a real-world evaluation of effectiveness, users who used the app regularly showed a 40% improvement in self-reported symptoms of depression when compared to infrequent users. More ...
From an article by World Economic Forum
Saviour 492
Avoiding white saviourism
Principles that can be applied to you working cross-culturally whether overseas or with communities in your own nation and whether you are planting churches or doing community development work More ...
From a session at Unreached 2022
Megan 492
Meghan's story - 'I just needed to be received'
She was trapped under the ownership, power and control of other people. After 30 years of being trafficked, Meghan experienced Jesus when a group of friends simply received her into their lives. More ...
Geoff Knott
Neighbourhood 492
The reason he's still alive is because you've been praying over us as a family
My neighbours are scattered. I realised I've been driving past them for 46 yrs and not praying. A few weeks ago, I began praying over them. Then something amazing happened.. More ...
From a video by Transform Our World
Slavery 5 492
Trauma as a place of service
There are many in this world who suffer from totally undeserved injustice and trauma. If we, as the body of Christ, look to suffering humanity, we would realise that trauma is perhaps the greatest mission field of the 21stC. More ...
From a talk at Q Ideas
Repair 492
Repair Cafés 
In a Repair Café, you’ll find tools, materials to help you make repairs you need; clothes, furniture, appliances, bicycles, crockery, appliances, toys, etc. You’ll also find expert volunteers, with repair skills in all kinds of fields.. More ...
Geoff Knott
Panel 492
How to set up a community engagement panel
Deliberative initiatives provide local government with valuable opportunities to bring communities together, source innovative solutions on topics ranging from mobility to social care, climate, inclusion, safety. More ...
From a guide by Citizen's Lab
We Right Here 492
If I led Levelling Up – local changemakers speak
"We know that at hyper-local level, people understand what causes of concern are. They are careful with public funds, are prepared to work together to get best impact. Levelling Up needs to build on this." More ...
From a blog by We're Right Here
democracy 492
Rekindling Democracy
When institutions begin to replace civic life, they regulate citizens to 2nd place; consumers of government services. Experts and officials are superior to the people they serve. Over time, 5 consequences become evident... More ...
From book 'Rekindling Democracy' Cormac Russell
Local 492
Seeds of Change
Putting more power, resources and decision-making into the hands of local communities, to enable them to transform and improve their lives and the places in which they live. A case study.. More ...
From an article by Local Trust
inclusion 492
What does it feel like attending a white majority church? 
People highlight importance of creating multi-cultural churches. We are often unaware of challenge and cost for those who are different from us joining us. People share their experiences.. More ...
From a video by Hope Church, Luton
Stats 492
Charity resilience and volunteering trends
Charity leaders report their biggest challenge is organisational resilience. How to address? Volunteering trends in pandemic have changed. Are these permanent or temporary? More ...
From an article by Action Planning
Father 2 492
Show Me The Father
"This movie illuminates the powerful role that God has placed in the hands of every dad. It had us riveted from the first minute and cheering toward the end. The time for this critical message is right now for our society." More ...
From a documentary Show Me The Father
Grateful 492
Create a gratitude wall
One or a number of linked blackboards labelled 'Today, I am grateful for..'. People write their answers in chalk on the board(s). Many benefits inc freeing from toxic emotions, appreciation of people, improved mental health.. More ...
Geoff Knott
refugees 3 492
Helping people with trauma after a disaster - 2
Trauma healing materials mainly focus on help that can be given when sufferers are in recovery. There is less material to help with practical care immediately after a crisis. Article seeks to address this.. More ...
A guest blog by Frank Cole, Trauma Healing trainer
refugees 1 492
Helping people with trauma after a disaster - 1
Due to the war in Ukraine, many people have volunteered to receive refugees. How can caregivers be prepared to help with trauma that refugees may be suffering? Booklet, Helping People after a Disaster, guides.. More ...
From a booklet by Trauma Healing Institute
Gambling 492
Understanding gambling harm and ways to identify those at risk 
Harms relating to relationships, health, emotional/psychological wellbeing are most-reported gambling harms. Family members of those who gamble can experience gambling harms. How to identify.. More ...
From an article by the Australian Institute of Fam
social faith 492
Connecting social action and faith-sharing
A helpful booklet about lessons learnt from social action + faith sharing. Case studies, tips and practical suggestions. "When you meet a need, you create a context to share something of the hope we have." More ...
From a booklet by Share Jesus International
Healing Grove 492
Healing Grove Health Center
"Every time I've had a call from God, I've been like, "Yeah, let's go." And then God says, "Whoa, slow down." This time something really unique happened. We are like, "I don't know." And God's like, "GO NOW! GO, GO, GO!"" More ...
From a presentation at a Transform Our World Confe
Predictors 492
What are the strongest relationship satisfaction factors?
A study from longitudinal data from 11k couples, examining what factors are linked to how relationships have been doing. Gives insights into what you should look for/strengthen in a relationship. More ...
From an article by Institute of Family Studies
Umbrella 492
An 8 minute award winning animation inspired by true events and filled with messages of empathy and hope, Umbrella follows Joseph's story, a boy who lives in an orphanage and dreams of having a yellow Umbrella. More ...
Disciple 492
Making Disciples for the Workplace
Work is not a topic to be addressed but a context to disciple people for. A booklet for leaders unpacks research and tested ideas on biblical frameworks and spiritual practices that will enable workers to be fruitful. More ...
A booklet from Grove Books
Beautiful 492
Things are not always as they seem. A video giving a momentary glimpse into one woman’s life as she walks down the street. There is always more to someone’s story than what’s on the surface... More ...
A video from Salvation Army Caring Magazine
foodbank 492
Have foodbanks politicised kindness?
A great initiative but the relationship between the donor and receiver is broken-a loss to community life. Such acts of kindness are institutionalised, more transactional and politicised. What can we do to improve this? More ...
Geoff Knott
Impact 492
How to build an impact city: nurture neighbourhoods
“Small impact enterprises are a crucial part of a community’s fabric. Their societal impact is tangible, direct - well-connected to neighbourhood and inspiring locals to become more actively involved.” More ...
From an article by Pioneers Post
House 2 492
Transitioning from a 'come and see' to a 'go and be' church - 2
"We're moving into a season of discipleship making that is going to be decentralised. I don't want to just go to a building anymore. I want to see people leading neighbours to the Lord.." More ...
From a talk on Exponential
House 492
Transitioning from a 'come and see' to a 'go and be' church - 1
"I saw that that we weren't really building disciples. There was heavy centralization, full-time leader-led, building central. The shift is to distributed leadership - lay led communities..." More ...
From a talk on Exponential
Pancakes 492
Pancakes on the Porch
Everyone has a need to have connection and community. You're building relationships with a sphere of people you would never normally hang out with. Have the faith to say that if I take the first step I think that God will take take it further. More ...
From a video by Forge
mobilisation 2 492
Mobilising missional disciples - 2
What does it look like to shift from being an attractional Sunday church to being a more missional church? Leading with mission - training Christians to live as missionaries, to be disciple makers out in the everyday spaces of life More ...
From an interview by Exponential
mobilisation 1 492
Mobilising missional disciples - 1
A pastor started to shift an attractional, Sunday-centric professional led church into more of a seven day people movement of God, where every disciple was feeling the call to make disciples in the ordinary spaces of life. More ...
From an interview by Exponential
Choose 492
Choose Love
The Choose Love online shop is the world’s first to sell real products for refugees and displaced communities. There are three categories of products; Emergency Needs, Daily Survival, Building Futures. More ...
Geoff Knott
Rebbl 492
Addressing human trafficking in your own backyard
David Batstone is a venture capitalist, business professor, PhD in theology. He discovered his favourite Indian restaurant had trafficked 500+ girls, aged 14 to 19 for forced labour. So what did David do? More ...
From a podcast by Faith Driven Entrepreneur
Social Media 492
Surveillance Capitalism: the hidden costs of the digital revolution 
An economic order built by aggregating human experience as free material to predict, manipulate behaviour and sell, resulting in great wealth, knowledge and power in private companies. More ...
From a paper by the Jubilee Centre, Cambridge
calm 492
What can we learn from the world’s most peaceful societies? 
Peace is not just an absence of violence and war, but also people and groups getting along with each other: the cooperation, sharing, and kindness that we see in everyday society. An analysis.. More ...
From an article by Greater Good Magazine
we-ness 492
Is individualism creating difficulty for couple relationships?
Commitment is a sense of “us with a future” for couples. For those who want the “us”, they need to look for a relationship with the right balance of me and we, and then invest in protecting it. More ...
From an article by the Institute of Family Studies
Connect 492
How to connect social action and faith sharing
A booklet to help churches think how they can incorporate sharing faith in the social action they are involved in, to demonstrate what makes us distinctive. Case studies and 25 practical ideas. More ...
From a booklet by Share Jesus International
forgive 492
Forgiveness: A tool for personal growth and global healing 
Forgiveness is a deeply personal choice independent from seeking justice or atonement. Forgiveness improves physical health, mental wellbeing, and relationships across all ages. More ...
From a video on the Forgiveness Forum
Abyss 492
The ‘abyss of irrelevance’ 
What happens when your identity is founded on what you do and then that is removed? Are you facing the ‘abyss of irrelevance’ and what should you do? Some principles.. More ...
From an article in Sorted magazine
Underground 492 green
Radical faith in the underground church - 3 
The problem with the western model is 'come and see'. That's not what Jesus said. Jesus said, 'go and find'. We don't even see a 'come and see' model - it's all about going and finding the lost. Going where they are. More ...
Clashing Agendas 492
Clashing Agendas
David Freud tells the inside story of his battles - with Westminster and Whitehall alike - to modernize our welfare system inc Universal Credit. It is a riveting dialogue-driven account of how Government really works (or not). More ...
Geoff Knott
Underground 492 blue
Radical faith in the underground church - 2 
I would read Acts and ask the Lord, "Why is persecution reducing the Church here?" The Lord answered, "You made converts not disciples. Converts will run away from me in persecution. Disciples will die for me." More ...
Underground 492
Radical faith in the underground church - 1 
This church movement has no bank account, charitable status, central leadership, denoms, church buildings or seminaries and if any one is caught they could be executed or put in prison and yet it is exploding. More ...
Think 492
How to get better at changing your mind
"Finding out that I was wrong is the way I’ve learned something. Otherwise, I’m just living in a world that’s dominated by confirmation or desirability bias. And I’m just affirming things I already think I know." More ...
From an article by Behavioral Scientist
ecosia 492
Helping to tackle climate change, one click at a time 
Reforestation is a key focus for search engine, Ecosia. Since launch in 2009, it has planted more than 120 million trees in 26 countries globally – an effort that has benefited hundreds of communities. More ...
From an interview on DIGIT Leadership
Socially 492
Socially Connected Communities - solutions for social isolation
Loneliness describes individual experience, but we need to find the root causes of social isolation to identify community-level and structural factors that can be changed to address them. More ...
From a report by Healthy Places by Design
Mydream 492
My Dream, My Taste 
People are losing a public sense of what 'the good life' is and replacing it with their own individualised version which changes according to day-to-day tastes. They have become detached from the larger story of deep meaning. More ...
From a podcast and video by Theos
online red 492
Evangelism in a digital age - 5
People are dropping into our online presence and seeking to hear about God, to encounter God, to see if God encounters them. They have just found a safe place to find their answers about God More ...
An online discussion hosted by Fresh Expressions
online yellow 492
Evangelism in a digital age - 4
The success of online church depends on understanding online platforms as a particular kind of space, rather than merely a means of projecting my church into your living room. More ...
An online discussion hosted by Fresh Expressions
online green 492
Evangelism in a digital age - 3 
18-30 year olds are really interested in faith but the medium, the language is all online. We've got a generation asking big questions and interested in faith, and a church that has been pushed to speak their language. More ...
An online discussion hosted by Fresh Expressions
online blue 492
Evangelism in a digital age - 2 
It's all about context, context, and context. Different ways of presenting material and sharing your own story, connecting with different people groups. Do not underestimate the importance of simple things.. More ...
An online discussion hosted by Fresh Expressions
online 492
Evangelism in a digital age - 1
The key about sharing faith through digital media is to build relationships within affinity groups. You belong and can share faith personally, rather than think of preaching on internet platforms to people you don't know. More ...
An online discussion hosted by Fresh Expressions
Balance 1 492
Shifting the Balance: Local adaptation, innovation and collaboration 
2020 was a year with unprecedented challenges, and it also proved community power is possible at scale. Public services and communities came together to help each other as never before. More ...
From a report by New Local
Indentity 492
Grief - coping with loss of identity 
"A friend whose husband died over a year ago. She knew she would grieve for him, but she was also grieving for the person she was when he was alive. She felt she had lost that person." More ...
From a blog by a Moodscope member
Prayer Walk 492
City-wide prayer evangelism - Sheffield
During this month, March 2021, hundreds of believers from 90 churches across Sheffield will be prayer walking their streets. They are prayer walking along the streets they know and love to bless their city. More ...
From an initiative Arise Sheffield
The Thinker (Wrong Turns) 492
The Thinker (Wrong Turns)
Rodin's famous sculpture, 'The Thinker' was envisaged as part of a much larger work. He was to be placed on or by 'The Gates of Hell'. He watches the scene, wrapped in contemplation... More ...
From a track by Z317 Music
Mandela 492
Nelson Mandela through the eyes of his prison chaplain, Colin Chambers 
Mandela said, "I know that if I don't leave all my unforgiveness, resentment and bitterness behind when I walk through those gates, I will be walking out into another prison of my making." More ...
From a video by Life Stories At Lunch
Equipping 492
What proportion of time is being used on maintenance ministry versus developing others? We can all fill our diaries but building increasing time for training must be vital for a healthy, growing Church and kingdom. More ...
Geoff Knott
Toolkit 2 492
Money Help Toolkit 
Compassionate Communities ran a series on “Covid 19: Responding to the Debt Tsunami”. They explored, with the help of experts and parishes, how the church can help and support those struggling with money in wake of Covid-19. More ...
From a resource by Compassionate Communities
GuvnaB 492
Interview with Guvna B
"If you wake up in the morning and try your best to be who God has called you to be, it might be daunting, risky, but you go to bed knowing you've given it all. That is one of the most satisfying feelings that I've ever felt." More ...
From a session at Everything 2020
Reading 492
Research on parents and home learning during lockdown
Parents had to provide education and care at home while juggling other demands, including jobs and household chores. A study of 7000 parents on the affect on their ability to do this. More ...
From an article by Child and Family Blog
Drive 492
Lessons from reducing and preventing domestic abuse 
External evaluation found that where perpetrators were referred, victims and survivors were 3 times less likely to experience physical violence . More ...
From a report by Social Finance
crosspurpose 492
"How do we help our neighbours escape poverty?". CrossPurpose has a mission to abolish economic, relational, and spiritual poverty through career and community development. 473 neighbours so far graduated and escaped poverty... More ...
From a presentation at Praxis Labs The Gathering 2
Birth 1 492
The birth story
I realised I needed more than a nursing degree to be able to really affect any change in underserved contexts. I felt like God was calling me to become a midwife. And I was like, "Okay, I'm in. I'm in. I want to help." More ...
From a video by Faith Driven Entrepreneur
C19 Relationship 492
Protecting your relationship in the shadow of Covid-19 
Covid-19 raises new challenges for our most cherished relationships. There are three keys which can help couples. They are simple to remember and potent. They may help you, now... More ...
From a blog by Professor Scott Stanley
Community 4 492
Low-income communities have assets 
You have to start with the belief that people have capacities and abilities and they can be powerful. I’ve never seen a low-income neighbourhood that really changed because they finally got enough agencies fixing them. More ...
From an article by Faith and Leadership
2 year rule 492
The Two Year Rule
Dating and cohabiting couples should have a serious discussion about the future of their relationship within two years, and if the relationship is not headed toward marriage by then, it is time to end it. More ...
From an article by the Institute of Family Studies
innovation 2 492
8 social innovations that we could see in next decade
Ways of interacting, underpinned by technologies, that could alter social systems and overcome one or several challenges faced by society. More ...
Geoff Knott
Journeys 492
"Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It's a journey of discovery - there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair." Rick Warren. More ...
From a track by Z317 Music
Worker 492
What workers want from their local church 
Working Christians want their churches to provide encouragement and support for their work, provide guidance for how to engage faith at work and have more empathy with respect to the demands of their work. More ...
From an article by Made to Flourish
Kingdom 492
Church growth or kingdom growth focus?
“What do seminaries/bible colleges need to be like to equip the churches to equip God’s people to serve God in the patterns of their work and their play beyond the boundaries of the church?” More ...
From a talk by Richard Mouw, former president of F
invisible 2 492
The Invisible Church - an update
Results of a “five years on” study. A substantial proportion of the population beyond current congregational life see themselves as part of the Christian family and are actively pursuing the Jesus Way. More ...
An article by the Church Missionary Society
Mobilisation 492
Let's continue to build community - community mobilisation
Public bodies are realising, especially given Covid, that their best work and most robust decisions are made when they are working hand-in-hand with communities they serve. 4 key principles... More ...
From a report by New Local Government Network
mirror, mirror 492
Mirror, mirror
An international study revealed over 90% of women aged between 15 and 64 years would change at least one thing about their body image if they could. Some beauty tips.. More ...
From a track by Z317 Music
Cohesion 492
Faith groups and social cohesion 
Faith groups’ positive contribution to social cohesion deserves greater recognition and greater influence on cohesion policy. "Faith groups play a central role in social cohesion while providing crucial services." More ...
From a report by the British Academy and the Faith
Town 492
Let's continue to build community - a new table
The table is not a physical object sitting in some meeting room at the Town Hall. It’s not a visioning session, public hearing, or an online form. The table is out there. The table is our community. More ...
From an article by Strong Towns
Regrets 492
Bronnie Ware, a nurse who counselled the dying in their last days, revealed the most common regrets we have at the end of our lives. We don't know when our life will end but there is hope. Hear from the wife, husband, children and the Stranger.. More ...
From a track by Z317 Music
Noise 492
Digital youthwork
Creating a space where struggling youths can reinvent themselves as being successful against a backdrop where generally the world is telling them that what they're doing is wrong. More ...
From a talk by Simon Glenister, founder of Noise S
Empathy 2 492
Empathy vs Sympathy
If I share something with you that's very difficult, I'd rather you say, "I don't even know what to say. I'm just so glad you told me." Because the truth is, rarely can a response make something better. What makes something better is connection. More ...
From a video by The RSA
Memory 2 492
Memory Matters
Care designed to support people affected by dementia. The social enterprise has seen a 70-80% rise in cognition – the ability to acquire knowledge and understanding – from their workshops. More ...
From an article on Pioneers Post
Plate 492
On a plate
Some folk have perhaps had a helping hand in life while others weren’t given such assistance. You can’t blame people for being given opportunities, but it’s always good to realise how the other half lives and to help those who are not that fortunate. More ...
From a comic strip by Toby Morris
community 2 492
Community has been strengthened during pandemic 
Community cohesion and trust has reached a new high and there has been a flourishing in community volunteering. A striking endorsement of community power. More ...
From a report by New Local Government Network (NLG
Changer 492
Becoming a world-changer
Why do we hold back from the inner-knowing that we are created for something bigger than ourselves? What keeps us from stepping out into the unknown-yet-thrilling adventure of what God has called us to do? More ...
From an article by Heaven in Business
Wave 492
We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat 
It is very important to see beyond what is seen at first glance - not just looking, actually seeing. We are all on different ships during this storm experiencing a very different journey. Please realise that and be kind. More ...
Author unknown
Homeless 492
End-of-life priorities within the UK homeless 
In the UK, people experiencing homelessness die, on average, 30 years younger than the general population. Their priorities at the end are somewhat different than those of the general population. More ...
From a study by Wendy Webb and others, University
Globe 492
The world after Covid-19 - 2 
Pandemics require us to recognise our common humanity - we can only be as healthy as people are elsewhere. Covid-19 is affecting economies, health systems in dramatic ways. It's going to lead to a big reset on many levels. More ...
From an online event by How To Academy
Globe 492
The world after Covid-19 - 1 
How does globalization create systemic risks and what can we do about it? What global responses are necessary now and in future? Will the world deglobalize? Impact on our societies and the world order? More ...
From an online event by How To Academy
Beatitudes 492
The beatitudes for today
Blessed are the.... How does the most famous sermon in history still apply? The Beatitudes Project film features change-makers from all over world. Hosted by Stu Garrard of Delirious?, the result is a disruptive and surprising journey. More ...
From a resource by the Beatitudes Project
disruption 492
A theology of disruption
Interruption is God’s invitation. God is inviting us to see him all around us, in the lives of others, in our conversations, in our serving those in need. It is one of God’s ways of waking us up to what’s around us. More ...
From an article by Desiring God
100 days 492
The 100 Day Challenge
Allows front-line staff and citizens to collaborate and experiment with new ways of working, testing them for 100 days to see if they make a difference. More ...
From a report by Nesta
Frontline 492
Frontline Sundays
Imagine what would happen if every Christian looked around at the people they spend their days with and asked God: how do you want me to be good news to the people here today? More ...
From a resource by LICC
creative 492
Creatively sharing the gospel
"Whoever you are, we can all be creative to give God the glory and just display his greatness. Really look at the things which shape culture and society and use those things to explain who Jesus is." More ...
From a video by Wycliffe
Turnround 492
Improving wellbeing in the community
Case studies of 9 towns across the UK that are imagining and building new futures for themselves. The stories told show the breadth of responses people have developed to transform their towns. More ...
From a report by the Carnegie Trust
Tyler 492
Taking an opportunity at TEDx to explain the gospel
Tyler Ellis conducted 50 interviews with people with different beliefs and backgrounds which turned into unexpected adventures and discoveries. 'That was one of the best conversations I've ever had!' More ...
From a talk at TEDx
Poorest 492
Ministry amongst Britain’s poorest 
A conversation about some of the unique pressures of ministry to hard places. "How we do evangelism is completely different - it's new and it's good and it's real, real life." More ...
From an article by FIEC
radical 492
7 habits of institutional radicals 
Imagine a world where every institution, whether within the spheres of commerce, government, or civil society, had an active policy to reduce dependence on their service, by increasing interdependence in community life. More ...
From an article by Nuture Development
TWUK 492
Kingdom in the Workplace 
"I had overlooked my immediate mission field 8 hours a day, five days a week. I observed that my colleagues, were in fact an unreached people group. And they were my people group." More ...
A guest blog by Lyndsey Seale of Transform Work UK
Niddrie 492
Eight principles for faithful preaching among people experiencing poverty
How do I communicate or preach in a housing scheme/estate? Do I have to change things to preach into a non-literate culture? Do I have to dumb things down? Do I have to shorten my sermons? How does someone prepare a sermon? More ...
From an article by 20Schemes
Morals 492
How British moral attitudes have changed in the last 30 years 
Views on moral issues have become increasingly liberal. Today far more tolerant of illegal drug use, homosexuality, abortion, depictions of violence, aspects of sex in popular culture and other issues. More ...
From a report by the Policy Institute at King’s Co
Stress 2 492
A medicine for stress
How do you minister to a young man who when younger lost his father, his two uncles, his grandfather, his security, his home and his health in one traumatic episode? More ...
From an article by Worktalk
FX 1 492
Fresh expressions - kingdom advance
Encouraging news from different denominations regarding how Fresh Expressions of church has flourished over the last 15 years. Up to 25% of attendees in some areas. More ...
From a report by Fresh Expressions
Resilience challenge 492
The Resilience Challenge
What information, if it were flowing through the people of your community, would start them on a journey together toward really strong, healthy living? Could your church be instrumental in doing this? More ...
Geoff Knott
Flourish 2 492
Flourish - a game to increase community wellbeing and wealth
Participants can explore how to work towards a more equitable and participatory society; one that moves away from purely financial measures of success to focus instead on how psychologically healthy our communities are. More ...
From an article by Nesta
Crown 492
We are trying to be masters of the universe while we are not masters of ourselves. Jesus has immeasurable power but channels it into care, kindness and courtesy. More ...
From an article by Worktalk
Thriving 492
Advancing well-being in an inequitable world - 2
The Thriving Places Index is a new way to look at the strengths and challenges of the place where you live in England or Wales. It shows whether the conditions are in place for people to thrive – in a fair and sustainable way. More ...
From The Thriving Places Index
Wellbeing 1 492
Advancing well-being in an inequitable world - 1
What can we learn from multiple countries about advancing well-being—a notion of health that extends beyond the absence of disease? Need to radically expand the definition of progress to include well-being as a complement to economic vitality. More ...
From a report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundatio
Spade 492
Biblical Foundations for Social Reform 
Jonathan Tame of Jubilee Centre presents a biblical worldview for public engagement, articulates the importance of Biblical Law and offers some suggested principles for political economy. More ...
From a talk by Jubilee Centre
Ekklesia 492
Ekklesia - 24/7 Church
Always people, never buildings. Vibrant, expansive, operating 24/7, unstoppable capacity for growth. A mobile people movement, operating in the marketplace to impact everybody and everything. More ...
From a talk by Ed Silvoso about his book Ekklesia
Empathy 492
The decline of empathy
For the past 4 decades, psychologists have measured empathy. Empathy has dwindled steadily, especially in the 21stC. The average person in 2009 was less empathic than 75 percent of people in 1979. More ...
From an article by Jamil Zaki, assistant professor
Houses 1 492
Homelessness and Community 
The issue is not one of house-lessness, rather homelessness. Putting a roof over someone’s head does not provide them with the sense of acceptance and belonging that is needed to find a home. Homelessness and community have to be understood together. More ...
From an article by Enterprise Homes
Wedding 492
Are marriages becoming stronger everywhere? 
UK divorce rates have now fallen to 35 per cent, the lowest levels in fifty years. The hard data say that this is happening almost entirely because fewer wives are filing for divorce during the first decade of married life. More ...
From an article by the Marriage Foundation
Flourish 492
A wellbeing discovery programme run by Liveability where people learn horticulture, conservation, maintenance and rural craft in a tranquil setting, building confidence, making friends and having fun. More ...
From an article by Liveability
New Orleans 492
Prayer evangelism - 2
“I kept hearing the word ‘zip codes.’ As I pressed in more, I felt that the Lord wanted us to pray over the 43 zip codes that make up the New Orleans area on a daily basis for one year.” More ...
From an article by Transform Our World
street 492
Prayer evangelism - 1
The team walked the school area weekly, inviting the Lord’s presence. Soon, the shootings stopped and the barriers were removed. The Christian club grew from 4 students to 70... More ...
From an article by Transform Our World
Assets 1 492
What makes your neighbourhood work? 
Finding and mobilizing a neighbourhood’s assets. An overview of Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) and its four essential elements. More ...
From information by ABCD
4M 492
4 million micro churches planted in less than 30 years
"We're having over a million baptisms reported, and around 150,000 simple churches started every year. And that's starting from a house church on our back porch. These churches are having babies. The longest I know, of since March 2013, is 38 generations. More ...
From a podcast by 100 Movements
Friends 492
"Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow-ripening fruit”. With true friendship, friends love each other for their own sake, and they wish good things for each other. Other forms of friendship are based on either utility or pleasure. More ...
From a blog by Public Discourse
Trauma 2 492
Bible-based trauma healing
Trauma is part of the human experience in the broken world. How do people recover from trauma? Can the Bible help? What can the Church do? The Healing the Wounds of Trauma model can be used in any context. More ...
From resources from the Trauma Healing Institute
PB 3 492
Reducing the cost of the school day for disadvantaged families
A project aimed at reducing the disadvantage poorer families experience in meeting the cost of the school day has seen high levels of participation from children, their families, parent council members and school staff. More ...
From an article from PB Scotland
intergeneration 492
Places where younger and older people thrive together 
Bringing diverse age groups together to fend off loneliness, share skills or talents that can help address a child’s/youth’s needs and vice-versa. More ...
From a report by Generations United and The Eisner
Herenowus 492
Building the Common Good
The Here: Now: Us People Common Good Training Workshop is a one-day introduction to the Common Good, designed to empower and equip people from across the Christian traditions to help strengthen civil society and build community. More ...
From a resource from Together for the Common Good
Denver 492
Denver Day Works
Pays homeless residents to perform public service work for the city. More than 300 people have participated, and 145 found permanent employment. More ...
Geoff Knott
Carer 492
Supporting young carers: a guide 
There are around 700,000 young carers in the UK. 80% miss out on childhood experiences, as they need to spend time caring for family or friends. A guide as to how you can help them. More ...
From an article by High Speed Training
Soup 492
Neighbourhood soup 
Why not hold the occasional micro-granting event to help highlight and fund local projects in your community? A collaboration, a meal together, a platform for connection, a safe space, community helping fund its own people and a forum. More ...
Geoff Knott
talent 246
Roving listening
Spending time with the neighbours in community, not to gauge their needs but to understand the talents. Hundreds of people now pass under the church's roof each week. More ...
From an article by Ministry with the Poor
Everything 1 492
Insights into cultural renewal
Everything Conference report - example after example of Christians who are very clearly renewing the cultures they find themselves in, and doing so in effective, winsome and undeniably Christ like ways. More ...
From a blog by Jonny Mellor Sputnik - a network of
Good News 492
The 99 best things that happened in 2018
Reading the media can be very depressing - it does not give a holistic view of what is happening in the world - and some great things happened in 2018. More ...
From a blog by Angus Hervey, Future Crunch
Liverpool 1 492
A Bigger Difference:  Social Action and Church Growth in Liverpool 
A report about Christians in the Diocese of Liverpool who are undertaking social action, enabling more people to know Jesus and pursuing more justice in the world. More ...
From a report by Church Army
Mental 4 492
Mental Health Access Pack
A partnership of three organisations - Livability, The Mind and Soul Foundation and Premier Life - has recently completely updated a free resource pack about mental health. More ...
Mental Health Access Pack
Bench 492
The friendship bench
Zimbabwe has been pioneering a groundbreaking mental health programme with stunning results. It uses public benches and a team of grandmothers to tackle depression. More ...
From an article by the BBC
Estate 1 492
The Church and estates
If we’re serious about the renewal of Christian life in our nation we need to do what Jesus did. It’s in the edges amongst the marginalised that renewal will come. More ...
From video by the Church of England
Village 2 492
The effect of 'community' on health
The death rate from all causes was 30% lower than expected. There was no suicide, no alcoholism, no drug addiction. People were dying of old age - that’s all. More ...
From Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
Wedding 492
Marriage preparation paradoxes
Current promoted behaviours that are meant to deliver later marital quality and stability produce the opposite of what they intend. More ...
From an article by the Institute for Family Studie
ChildhoodC 492
What to say to parents of a child with cancer
It can be hard to know what to say, what to do or how to be a friend. Tips on what to say to avoid difficult social situations and how to practically help the people close to you. More ...
From an article by Children's Cancer and Leukaemia
Gospel 492
Life in 6 words
Jason "Propaganda" Petty, a rap artist reflects on Life in 6 words - that spell G.O.S.P.E.L. More ...
From a video by Dare2Share
Streetwork 492
Detached youthwork - threats and opportunities
SU suggests the Church only reaches 5% of young people in UK. Why not try detached youthwork? Here's 10 aspects of detached youthwork that could be viewed either as threats to or opportunities for the Church. More ...
From a blog by Learning from the Streets
Marriage 1 492
The effects of pro-family policies in Hungary 
"Hungary's ever increasing support for families by the government is creating an environment where marriages and families are flourishing and abortion numbers are dropping" More ...
From an article by LifeSite News
well 492
How come you guys don't give up on us?
There is something very persistent and consistent about the activity of a Christian community, committed to serve and committed to remain. More ...
From an article by The Journal of Missional Practi
estate 492
Lessons learned in an estate context
Estate ministry is like no other that I've experienced. It is attritional and costly, you need endurance and a wide ranging set of skills, especially adaptability. More ...
From a series of tweets by Ray Driscoll
Thanks 492
A gratitude journal
"After one year of keeping a gratitude journal, I took the time to total up all the mentions..... " Who and what were the top mentions? More ...
From an article from The Wisdom Project
Chad Varah 492
Why Rev. Chad Varah started The Samaritans 
The Samaritans in the UK now have have 21,200 volunteers, 201 branches and receive around 5,100,000 calls for help per year. But how did it start? More ...
From an article by The Samaritans
Dating 492
Fostering meaningful romantic relationships 
Dating takes social courage and we need to teach our young people the virtue of social courage. More ...
From a blog by Institute of Family Studies
Sowing 492
Joy and disappointment in mission 
We tend to share about positive responses to outreach but we don't hear about the disappointments. What happened when a Mission Community in Sheffield got out onto the streets to share the love of Jesus. More ...
From a blog by Fresh Expressions
grief 492
Grief is escorting up an even deeper feeling, a truth about your life, what you value and what you need. More ...
From a blog by Thrive Global
Rethink 492
In the West, the church is less and less effective at reaching a changing world but many in the church continue to believe the church maintains a central role in the life of culture. Time to ReThink. More ...
From an e-book by Send Institute
Cooking 492
Empathy not Sympathy  
Empathy binds us together. Sympathy divides us and turns us into consumers. More ...
From a blog by Nuture Development
oroville 492
What do I use today to make a difference for Christ? 
The Mayor recently became a believer, and exclaimed, “Every town should have a Father’s House!” She advocates a video about the transformation of the city. More ...
From an article by Transform Our World
Frank 492
For the last, for the least, for the lost
A church began to attract people who through illness, poverty and disability were on the margins of society. The church grew and changed through this new life. More ...
Geoff Knott
table 492
The Church of the Table 
Every day, anybody who wishes to join for lunch can knock at our door. It is a “family table”, everyone is asked to help in some task, like in every family. More ...
From a blog by Together for the Common Good
Bus stop 492
A ministry of loitering 
Jesus was hanging around healing pools, busy street intersections, and wells and revealed to those around him their sacred worth. More ...
From a blog by Fresh Expressions USA
Maple 492
Participatory Budgeting - an example 
The Government of Ontario recently requested ideas from the public to help problems in one of 5 focus areas. These ideas were shortlisted and voted on by the public. The Government will now spend CAN$5M on 5 of them. More ...
Geoff Knott
Rings 492
Marriage is best for long-term happiness 
Those who marry are more satisfied than those who remain single. The benefits of marriage persist in the long-term. Marriage seems to be most important in middle age. Those who are best friends with their partners have the largest well-being benefits. More ...
From an article in the Journal of Happiness Studie
compassion 492
Compassionate Communities
A “compassionate community” scheme in Frome aimed at tackling loneliness and associated ill health has helped cut emergency hospital admissions by 17%. More ...
From an article in Resurgence magazine
Prison 1 492
Invisible Walls Wales 
Results of an initiative focused on supporting prisoners in maintaining strong bonds with their families, particularly their children and partners More ...
From a blog by Lemos&Crane
Speaking 492
How can Christians effectively speak out through local and national media? 
The top ten tips based on advice given by journalists and those who engage with the media. More ...
From a blog by the Public Leader
Social Action 492
Anglican church-based social action 
Responding to social issues and building community. Report on Church in Action 2017: A National Survey of Church Based Social Action. More ...
From a report by Church Urban Fund
Henry 492
Lifting spirits of those with dementia 
While music is known for lifting moods, rising evidence shows profound responses when favourite tunes are played to those with dementia. More ...
Geoff Knott
Beauty 492
Why beauty matters 
“At every level of the human experience, we are looking for the beautiful, something that gives priority to our souls, not just our physical needs.” More ...
From a TED talk
Margins 492
Supporting those serving on the margins 
A report exploring how churches can support and equip their members whose work or ministry with those ‘on the margins’ takes place primarily outside of church walls. More ...
From a report by The Centre of Theology and Commun
time 492
Pressed for time? 
Is time scarcity because people simply have less free time today? There is little evidence for this. Instead, it may come from a surprising culprit.. More ...
From a blog by Behavioural Scientist
Good News 492
The 99 best things that happened in 2017 
An incredible year for global health. Stunning victories for global conservation. Rising living standards for billions of people. An amazing year for clean energy. Breakthroughs in justice. The world got less violent. Hope for a living planet. More ...
From a blog by Angus Hervey
blinker 492
Don't let facts get in the way
People have a tendency to seek information that confirms their existing beliefs. Providing people with accurate information doesn’t seem to help; they simply discount it. More ...
Geoff Knott
church stats 492
Where is the UK Church going? 
Latest research into UK Church trends. An overview of church life in the UK covering individual years between 2012-2017 and a forecast to 2022. More ...
From UK Church Stats 2018
Banning 492
A life of impossibilities
We desire for transformation to come to those around us and the places we occupy. But what role do we really play in those results? How does God’s power intersect with our passion? More ...
From a talk by Banning Liebscher, founder of Jesus
Christianity 492
The Church and the World
Christians around the world today find themselves in very different contexts than they did 40 years ago - need to think differently about the people among whom they live and work. More ...
From a report by Lausanne Movement
Banquet 492
The banquet 
There was once a man who threw a great dinner party and invited many. When it was time for dinner, he sent out his servant to the invited guests, saying, ‘Come on in; the food’s on the table.’ More ...
A mural by Hyatt Moore
Love 492
If you give a little love 
Little acts of kindness multiply... More ...
Geoff Knott
Liverpool 492
City transformation - Liverpool 
15 years ago, a prayer group started firstly to meet with the police and pray about the city. They began to release the blessing of God. More ...
From a video from the World Prayer Centre
cafe 492
Café Church 
Two examples of church communities using high street cafés and the relationships that are formed. More ...
From material from Church of Scotland and Kahaila
Bubbles 492
What bubble have you built around you?
People have a bias to hang out with people like themselves and keep separate from others. More ...
From a Tedx talk by Jon Yates
Generation 492
Generation rising 
In an age of globalisation, rapid change and hyper-connectivity, what do aspiring young leaders want the future to look like? More ...
From a blog by Common Vision
Practice 492
Christians in Practice 
Research exploring how Christians connect their discipleship to their engagement in communities. Activities, motivation, connections to calling, growth, support. More ...
From a report by the Saltley Trust
Piggybank 492
Piggy Bank Friday 
An initiative in primary schools with 10-11 year olds to develop financial literacy. At one school. pupils saved over £24,000 in one year. More ...
From an article by Edutopia
Success 492
The success sequence 
Divergent paths toward adulthood are associated with markedly different economic fortunes among Millennials. More ...
From a report by AEI and IFS
worksign 492
The dignity of work 
Inherent in who we are as humans is the need for a person to contribute to his or her family or neighbourhood or culture in a discernible way. More ...
Geoff Knott
thrive 492
Factors which contribute to thriving 
Research has identified two lists of key factors, internal and external, that facilitate thriving. More ...
From a study by Dr Daniel Brown and others
PB 2 492
Participatory Budgeting - 2  
Four Church of Scotland congregations had £5,000 each to distribute and a total of 28 community projects were funded. More ...
Geoff Knott
Stress 492
How the rich differ from the poor - 2 
The poor earn less, not out of incompetency, but because they must allocate mental capacity to problems that are more pressing to them than to the rich. More ...
From a blog by Adam Turville
Antenna 492
How the rich differ from the poor - 1
How does the division between the wealthy and the poor affect the social aspects of our society? Are the wealthy truly invested in the poor and do they care? More ...
From a blog by Adam Turville
HBR 492
4 lessons from the longest-running study on happiness 
The Harvard Study of Adult Development has tracked the lives of 724 men for 78 years - one of the longest studies of adult life ever done. Some findings.. More ...
From a TED talk by psychiatrist Robert J. Waldinge
Arts 492
Improving health and wellbeing through the Arts 
Arts therapies have been found to alleviate anxiety, depression and stress while increasing resilience and wellbeing. More ...
From a report by the APPG on Arts, Health and Well
PB 492
Participatory Budgeting - 1
Expanding the imagination about democracy could help to focus resources on the projects that are most meaningful to local communities. More ...
From an article by Jake Carlson, Participatory Bud
Hosting 492
Hosting Toolkit - migrants experiencing destitution 
A how-to guide helping members of the public provide spare rooms to migrants experiencing destitution. More ...
From an announcement by NACCOM
Rosario 492
Transformation Rosario Argentina 
In 2011, Barrio Las Flores in Rosario, Argentina, was overrun by battling drug cartels. Then Gregorio Avalos, a Christian, ran for president of the neighbourhood association and won by four votes. More ...
From a book Ekklesia by Ed Silvoso
bsa34 246
British Social Attitudes Survey 34 
Every BSA survey seeks to look beyond the headlines to uncover the deeper attitudes and trends that shape our country. This year is no different. More ...
From Key Findings BSA 34
summer 492
Summer in the Forest 
This poetic film follows the life of the L’Arche community in France, where people have found what it truly means to be human. More ...
Geoff Knott
HOTS 492
Healing on the Streets 
The story of the church powerfully expressing God’s love in the market place in Husby, Stockholm as they reached out to the lost and hurting on the streets. More ...
From a blog by Mark Marx, leader HOTS
Action 492
Actions speak louder than words 
A study shows that the more that people were exposed to faith-based actions, the higher their religiosity and the more certain they were of God’s existence. More ...
Geoff Knott
Runners 492
The Race 
An encouraging and inspiring reminder of the race we are running as portrayed in Hebrews 12v1-3. More ...
From a video by Simon Guillebaud
common good 492
Calling People of Goodwill 
A compact, pocket-sized booklet helping thoughtful Christians of all traditions to explore the common good in the Bible. More ...
Geoff Knott
Disc 492
Top hits playlist
God seems to be at work through popular songs that either tap into the desire to worship that is in each of us or show something of God's love for us. More ...
Geoff Knott
holbeck 492
'Jesus is close to the poor and dwells among the broken hearted and down trodden' 
Christians moved into Holbeck - the most deprived area in Leeds 9 years ago. Their experience.. More ...
From a blog by Catalyst Network
Vital 492
What matters to you? - a new vital sign
We all have vital signs - heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, temperature. However there is a new vital sign about compassion, about care. More ...
From a talk by Jason Leitch, National Clinical Dir
Marriage 492
Marriage - a profound mystery 
A beautiful 3 minute film that reminds us of Jesus and his bride, the Church and the gospel. More ...
From a blog by Think Theology
Fundraising 492
Fundraising toolkits 
The Diocese of London has produced a set of guides for churches to use to engage their congregations and communities or apply to trusts and foundations for support. More ...
From resources provided by The Diocese of London
poverty premium 492
The poverty premium 
Research into eight types of poverty premium that households experience to varying degrees at an average of £490pa. More ...
From a report by Bristol University
Snakes and Ladders 492
Snakes and Ladders 
A way of exploring the process of leaving prostitution in a workshop setting More ...
From a report by Beyond the Streets
Doing Good 492
Doing good does you good 
It’s often said that it’s better to give than receive but did you know that this is actually backed up by research? More ...
From a publication by The Mental Health Foundation
wanderland 492
Window Wanderland 
Imagine your neighbourhood’s ordinary windows transformed into an outdoor gallery and all generations coming together in a fun, creative way. More ...
Geoff Knott
Refresh 492
Refresh - Fresh Expressions
Church for people right where they are in the middle of everyday life. More ...
From a video by Fresh Expressions
faith 492
Faith in Dark Places 
The gospel may not only be good news to the poor but it may be good news from the poor. Through them God often chooses to show his creative love for the world. More ...
A book by David Rhodes
Learning 492
Good practice for spiritual development with people with learning disabilities 
Practical steps to take to ensure that the spiritual aspirations of people with learning disabilities are met. More ...
From report by Caritas Westminster, St Joseph’s Pa
Assets 492
Assets not Burdens: using church property to accelerate mission  
A Centre for Theology and Community report on research into how  churches of all denominations use their buildings in one London Borough. More ...
From a Centre for Theology & Community report
Godbehindbars 492
God Behind Bars 
Churches are streaming services into prisons. Family members of prisoners can watch the same service at the same time - attend 'church' together. More ...
Mechanic 492
Something exponential is possible when we release what we have been given to steward 
The story about how the church in Chicago came to be giving 200 cars away a year. More ...
From a video by Gospel Patrons
Andy and Nigel 492
Leading a church to minister with people experiencing poverty
Interviews with a church leader on changes in practice, identifying ministries, governance, partnership, money. More ...
From a series of blogs by Nigel Ring
20schemes 2 492
The rich history of gospel work among the poorest
Some people may wonder if the gospel really will work in places that are deprived by our world standards. History and scripture tell us otherwise. More ...
From an article by 20schemes
ortberg 492
Building a culture of justice in your church
Nancy Ortberg talks about how to build a culture in your church which attracts non-believers to Christ. More ...
From a talk by Nancy Ortberg
relationship 1 492
Couples relationship quality higher if both or just man attends services
What is the association between regular religious attendance and relationship quality for married and unmarried couples? More ...
From research by The Institute of Family Studies U
pencils 492
Relationships and good health the key to happiness, not income 
Results of a study of the Origins of Happiness, analysing survey data from four countries. What were the findings? More ...
from an article by LSE
memory 492
Memory Café
Memory Café is run by St Cuthbert's Church, Wembley and helps the elderly and lonely who live locally. By doing this, the church has been able to create a real presence in the community and has grown. More ...
From an article by the London Diocese
NPC Difference 492
What a difference a faith makes
New Philanthropy Capital published a report in November 2016 entitled, 'What a difference a faith makes: Insights on faith-based charities'. What were the key findings? More ...
From a report by NPC
elderly 492
Cook an extra plate for a neighbour
Volunteers share extra portions of home-cooked food with people in their area who aren’t always able to cook for themselves. They share once a week, once a month, or whenever works best for them. More ...
Geoff Knott
Happiness 492
The Happiness Course
Everyone wants to be happy… yet what exactly is happiness? A short course which connects with your community whilst being a safe place to explore tough issues. More ...
Geoff Knott
Megachurches 492
Megachurches and social engagement in London
Initial results of a three year study investigating the nature of social engagement among London’s very largest churches. What are the findings? More ...
from a report by Edward Cadbury Centre
COP report 492
Church for the poor - strategies to engage people experiencing poverty
Churches in the survey were asked what strategies, if any, they using to reach people experiencing poverty. There were large differences in areas of least and most deprivation. More ...
Geoff Knott
barrier 492
Church of the poor - the barrier of middle class church
As part of the Church of Poor survey, we asked ‘What do you feel most hinders you becoming a church for (and of) the poor?’. What themes emerged? More ...
Geoff Knott
shelter 1 492
Church for the poor - 'poor focused' activities
Could there be some insights into being ‘a church for the poor’ by looking at the social action activities of churches in least deprived areas versus those in most deprived? More ...
Geoff Knott
curve 492
Are you an early adopter or a laggard?
What next for church social initiatives, community franchises? A look at their spread and what could or should be next. More ...
Geoff Knott
Mental Health 2 492
10 ways to look after your mental health 
The Mental Health Foundation promotes good mental health for all. As part of this work they publish helpful guides. One of these is 'How to look after your Mental Health'. More ...
From The Mental Health Foundation
estate 492
Mission and ministry in deprived areas
The Diocese of Bristol provides ministry that serves and reaches out to some of the most deprived areas of the country in both Bristol and Swindon. Here are some insights about church on the Penhill and Pinehurst estates in Swindon. More ...
From CofE Diocese of Bristol
Link Chain 492
Engaging with your local authority and other partners  
Commission have published a very useful guide on lessons learned and recommendations for 'Engaging with your local authority and other partners'. More ...
From a report by Commission church network
jff 492
God and money films plus study guides
Just Finance have published four short videos on what the Bible says about money and how does Christian tradition help us think about money and debt. More ...
Just Finance Foundation
Cormac Russell 492
Sustainable community development: from what's wrong to what's strong
How can we help people to live a good life? Instead of trying to right what's wrong within a community, start with what's strong. More ...
A TEDx talk by Cormac Russell, MD of Nuture Develo
Cooking 492
Beyond foodbanks
The Scottish government recently announced 21 project awards totalling £900,000 from their Fair Food Transformation Fund. This fund supports initiatives across the country that are seeking to reduce reliance on emergency food aid. More ...
Geoff Knott
Strength 492
The inner strength of troubled neighbourhoods
"This work is all about helping people to recognize that they are capable of great things, and helping them accomplish them. People can make a difference." More ...
From an August 2016 article by David Bornstein
4Children 492
Families in Britain - 6 themes
What is daily life really like for Britain’s families? 4Children began to dig deeper into the hopes, fears and aspirations of our country’s families. Their report identified six themes More ...
video 492
Using video to aid transformational action 
Time and again, we have seen the impact video can have, not just for large brands, but for charities too, no matter the size. When produced well, video has the power to emotionally move people More ...
Debra Sobel, film director, Vanilla Films
Church Growth 492
Church growth in east London: a grassroots view 
This report with research from 13 local church leaders illustrates the challenges and opportunities of church growth in mainly deprived communities across east London. More ...
From a report by The Centre of Theology and Commun
Building 492
Mission Shaped Buildings 
There is a profound shift taking place in the UK as churches begin to engage with the real needs of the community around them. This is manifesting itself in the design of church buildings to properly resource the work and reimagine church. More ...
Kelvin Sampson
Faith and Well Being 492
Active faith is key factor in increased well-being  
Theos recently published a report on Religion and Well-being:Assessing the evidence. They looked at nearly 140 studies on the relationship between religion and well-being and uniquely tried to reach More ...
Geoff Knott
BOOP 492
Bridges Out of Poverty
A resource to help you be a church for the poor? Middle class understandings of those who work with people in poverty are often ill-suited for connecting with and helping people build up resources and rise out of poverty. More ...
Geoff Knott
MOUP 492
The Myth of the Undeserving Poor
On the 30th July 2016, Martin Charlesworth of Jubilee+ and co-author of The Myth of The Undeserving Poor presented the findings and biblical reflections from the book at an event organised by CapitalMass in London. More ...
Geoff Knott
Poor report 492
What does it mean to be a poor church, for the poor? 
Church Action on Poverty published a report in June 2016 with contributions from thinkers and leaders of many denominations on Pope Francis' call “I want a Church that is poor and for the poor”. More ...
Geoff Knott
Ivybridge 492
Reflections on justice and compassion
CapitalMass have produced some very short videos of Christians on the frontline reflecting on Compassion and Justice. Something for small groups to reflect on? More ...
Geoff Knott
Juarez 3 492
Transformation Cuidad Juarez - 3
Following on from my last blog regarding about the transformation that is on-going in Cuidad Juarez, here is an update on what has happened in the city: More ...
Geoff Knott
Juarez 2 492
Transformation Cuidad Juarez - 2
In Mexico, in Cuidad Juarez, after the city was touched, they still had a problem with schools. One-thousand schools. The pastor Poncho Morguia went to the school superintendent. He asked this lady, "Would you give me ten schools, More ...
Geoff Knott
Juarez 1 492
Transformation Cuidad Juarez - 1
Ed Silvoso recently told the story of Poncho Murguia, a pastor in Cuidad Juarez, a city on the Mexican-USA border, who, obeying God, stepped out of his church role and set out to transform his city - the murder capital of the world. More ...
Geoff Knott
money 2a 492
God and money - money, scripture and tradition
Second of a series of 4 short films from To Your Credit. Leading theologians reflect how the Church has developed its teaching on debt, money and credit over the last two thousand years. More ...
Geoff Knott
HodgeHill 492
Church of the poor: Turning the world upside-down 
A church for the poor. Not just a food bank for the poor, debt advice for the poor, campaigning for the poor, an ESOL class, a financial literacy session, a cooking group, a gardening club for the poor… A church for the poor More ...
Liam Purcell
Random Acts 492
Carry a generosity kit with you
A generosity kit could be as big as a suitcase or as small as your back pocket. The idea is just that you face the day prepared – with a kit of items that could range from a safety pin to a shovel, ready to give out generously to those in need. More ...
Geoff Knott
francis chan 492
Francis Chan shares about ministry to the poor in San Francisco
Francis shares in this 2 minute video about how different it is to make disciples with the down-and-out in San Francisco. More ...
Geoff Knott
Volunteer 492
Working well with volunteers
The Church Urban Fund has published some great resources on 'Working Well With Volunteers' to help guide churches and church-based organisations. "Churches vary enormously in resources - human and otherwise - but they all rely on volunteers. More ...
Information presented by the Church Urban Fund
goHenry 492
goHenry - a fun way to pay pocket money and teach good money habits?
goHenry is a Pre-paid Card and App with unique parental controls for young people aged 8 to 18. It was founded by a group of parents, designed specifically with the goal of helping young More ...
Geoff Knott
God and money 1 492
God and money film - money, debt and salvation
First of a series of 4 short films from To Your Credit, Justin Welby and leading theologians reflect on the theology of money and debt. A guide for small group discussion accompanies each film, including key bible More ...
Geoff Knott
Housing estate 492
'Every effective renewal movement has started with the poor'
In March 2016, the Bishop of Burnley spoke about urban estates at a conference. Some very thought provoking excerpts: "Our task as the Church is the transformation of a nation More ...
Geoff Knott
crowd 492
Life changing buildings
Life changing buildings are those which are instruments, vehicles, tools for community transformation. Well-­conceived buildings begin with a comprehensive understanding of the function they serve. Architects may design incredible spaces, eye-­catching More ...
Kelvin Sampson
Love Sweat Tears 492
Love, sweat and tears - 5 church plants in east London
The Centre for Theology and Community has just published research on five church plants undertaken in east London through the Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) Network.The churches were planted over a ten year period More ...
The Centre for Theology & Community
Home to let 738
A stable home for the poorest families
In February 2016, the Centre for Social Justice published a significant piece of research ‘Home Improvements’ containing a series of recommendations to help the Government develop a coherent housing strategy for low-income households. More ...
Geoff Knott
Fraser Nelson 738
4 basic rules to help you avoid poverty
Fraser Nelson recently published a fascinating article about key factors of people who prosper. Those who observe them are highly unlikely to end up in poverty. Those who break them are unlikely to avoid it. More ...
Geoff Knott
Counting the cost of family fa
Cost of family breakdown reaches record high
In February 2016, the Relationships Foundation updated their annual “Cost of Family Failure Index”. It reveals that the 2016 cost of family breakdown to the taxpayer has increased for the seventh year in a row More ...
Geoff Knott
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