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video 246Using video to aid transformational action 

Some time ago, The Guardian ran an article in which it stated: 'Video promises to be the great unifier’, with its 'ability to be distributed in a targeted way across most major digital and social media channels, delivering believable return on investments in the process'.

Time and again, we have seen the impact video can have, not just for large corporates and brands using it to engage and retain its customers, stakeholders and employees, but for charities and not for profit organisations too, no matter the size.

When produced well, video has the power to emotionally move people, create a connection, change perceptions, behaviours and even actions.

Video doesn’t need to be expensive. It needs to be authentic and deliver a strong narrative which is relevant to your target audience. The messaging needs to be emotive and take people on a journey or give them an experience. If it can do this, then it could be shot on an iphone or ipad and still deliver results.

So, how can you ensure that the videos you produce have the desired impact?

You need to have a clear vision of what you want the video to achieve. What is it that you want people to know, understand or do once they’ve viewed your film? Consider what your Call To Action might be at the end of your video i.e. click here for more information, or to donate, or call us to find out more.

This 'Shocking Second a Day' charity video, produced for Save the Children, is a good example of a strong Call To Action. Note the clear hashtag at the end and the ‘how you can help’ overlay box which, when clicked on, leads viewers directly to a landing page with more information and a donate button.

Keep your messaging as streamlined as possible. It’s not a powerpoint and you want people to be able to emotionally connect with the content. Remember that video is a visual medium, so don’t overload with facts.

In this 'Just Follow the Signs' video for The Rainforest Alliance, they’re promoting one clear message – make simple changes to ‘be better’ and more environmentally friendly.

Tell a strong story in a creative way. When St. John’s ambulance wanted to inform people what to do when a baby is choking, instead of filming one of their medics talking straight to camera about the process, they came up with this highly engaging and shareable ‘Chokables’ video campaign.

Finally, deliver your videos cleverly to ensure that they are reaching your target audience. Your videos need to be easily discoverable and accessible to people where they are online, whenever they’re online.



Debra Sobel, film director, Vanilla Films, 06/09/2016

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