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Life Chances

Overwhelming evidence suggests that, within the context of the early years of a child’s life (0-5), the single most important factor influencing a child’s intellectual and social development is the quality of parenting and care they receive and the quality of the home learning environment that this creates. What parents do is ultimately more important than who parents are.

The Church is already involved with parents and children but could we adjust our social actions to make more of a difference for this group?


Passing on 492
Breaking the cycle of generational trauma 
Have you heard the saying, "Hurt people hurt people"? Instead of passing down hurt, we need to pass down healing by recognising symptoms of trauma, building resilience and restoring the brain and body. Details.. More ...
From a TEDx talk by Dr Candice Jones
Relationship 4 492
3 reasons you may struggle with close relationships
Mary was raised in a chaotic alcoholic home, witnessing long-term domestic abuse. From lived experience and study, she describes why finding, maintaining close friendships seemed to be so challenging. More ...
From an article by Mary Giuliani
Pathway 492
Overcoming generational poverty 
Ruth Beltran was at the end of herself. After leaving an abusive relationship, a single mother of six struggling to make ends meet. She was living in a car with her children. Then she met the Salvation Army and all changed. More ...
From an article and video by the Salvation Army
Belong 492
The need to belong is a fundamental and human motivation. And that means we will find somewhere to belong to regardless of whether it's healthy, regardless of whether it's safe. Regardless of anything, we'll find somewhere to belong to. More ...
From a talk by Lisa Cherry
Mailbox 492
White mailboxes
Primary school children can write about anything that weighs on them. The letters are read every day and a professional team of psychologists, doctors, educators and law enforcement then confidentially work to find solutions. More ...
From an article by Reasons to be Cheerful
phone 2 492
The use of mobile devices to calm young children creates longer term issues 
When kids are stressed, and parents put a screen in front of them, children aren't learning how to deal with stress; they are just distracted by the screen. More ...
From a study by University of Michigan and an inte
Gambling 1 492
What is the link between video gaming as an adolescent and later gambling? 
3 questions; 1. Effects of daily video gaming on real money gambling? 2. Effects of playing simulated gambling games on real money gambling? 3. What are other main risk factors? More ...
From a report by the Australian Institute of Famil
Divorce 3 492
An online parenting program for divorced parents 
Most divorced or separated parents ask themselves, “What can I do to protect my children from the problems that often follow divorce?” An online parenting-after-divorce programme backed by research.. More ...
From an article by Child and Family blog
Community 6 492
ACEs reduction is a community initiative
Resilience is the responsibility of not just one sector, but all sectors. Could every sector share the information on ACEs, brain development, and resilience as a platform on which to build particular strengths, skills, and capacities? More ...
From an interview by Community Resilience Initiati
Father 3 492
The expectation of fatherhood as a vocation 
Without an involved father, the family cannot approach the perfection of which it is capable. We must do everything in our power to recapture, reignite, and recommit to the expectation of fatherhood as a vocation, a calling in life. More ...
From an article by the Institute of Family Studies
School phones 492
What happens when a school bans cell phones?  
Kids have learned to talk to each other again instead of texting. Engagement in class has improved markedly. Kids appreciate the peace and quiet, mental calm from not constantly responding to social media. More ...
From an article by the Wall Street Journal
Kami 492
Kinhub - personalised support for every parent 
A family wellness service aimed at companies. Employees can access parental wellness consultants, covering many specialties, via chat or video, plus a range of parenting articles, guides, and tips. More ...
Geoff Knott
Youth 492
Preparing young people for the world of work 
Many think they did not receive enough support in education to prepare for careers. Many dissatisfied with current job, career progression due to poor-quality management and lack of training holding them back. More ...
From a report by the Chartered Institute of Person
CARS 492
Trauma-informed communications skills 
People who have multiple and complex needs can be difficult. How can we respond in an informed, compassionate way through our spoken language, our body language, our approach and way of connecting with people? More ...
Geoff Knott
Forgive 2 492
Forgiveness and releasing a sense of entitlement
God started to speak to her about things that had gone on in her life. She says, "We want to transform the world which God wants too but there were things in my life, my family, which were not dealt with.". More ...
Chopped 496
Cooking lessons as youthwork?
'Chopped Jr' consists of physical activity, cooking, measuring, kitchen equipment, reading recipes, budgeting, cooking techniques. It ends with a competition where the chefs make a meal for the judges. More ...
From Salvation Army's Caring Magazine
Child Abuse 492
10 tips for sexual abuse prevention
Info that helps caregivers feel empowered. Specific strategies for how to talk with children about this difficult topic, how to respond if abuse is suspected. Identify misinformation that puts children at greater risk. More ...
From a podcast by Meghan Backofen
Grandparents 492
Effects of grandparents' involvement
About half of grandparents, in U.S. and Europe, provide some kind of childcare to their grandchildren. How does grandparents' involvement affect their own lives, their children, their grandchildren? 5 observations... More ...
From an article by the Institute of Family Studies
One25 492
'Such love.. When no one else could deal with me I had you.'
One25 meet women who are traumatised by childhood abuse, violence. They are stigmatised, marginalised, locked out of society. Many are in crisis and many are street sex-working. More ...
From information from One25
Trauma Education 492
Insight into trauma-informed education settings
Six core principles that value and nurture transformative relationships with young people without re-traumatising. For a school program to be effective, it must include four R’s and embed principles across school.. More ...
From a report by West Yorkshire Health and Care Pa
Fleetwood 492
Working in partnership for positive health - stories from Fleetwood
In Lancashire, a range of local partners are creatively collaborating with local residents across the community to positively change things. Initiative is known as Healthier Fleetwood. More ...
A webinar by Future NHS
Brain 2 492
Nurturing the future: investing in early childhood development 
Studies have shown that healthy brain development during early childhood increases the likelihood of success later in life. By providing supportive, nurturing environments where children feel protected and learn social emotional skills... More ...
From a video by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
BabyBuddy 492
Baby Buddy app 
"I find the information really helpful.. It teaches you all about your baby, how to communicate with the baby and their development. This is important as you can build a better relationship with your baby." More ...
From an article from Best Beginnings
An effective way to reduce violent crimes?
Evidence that offering at-risk men behavioral therapy plus opportunities to earn a living greatly reduces the future risk of crime and violence, even 10 years after the intervention. More ...
From an article on Vox
Toulouse 492
What happened when France sent children from low-income areas to wealthy area schools?
The theory was “a rising tide lifts all boats.” By moving students into schools of proven success, social determinism is countered, all children benefit. 5 years on.. More ...
From an article in Reasons To Be Cheerful
Forgive 2 492
Forgiveness versus revenge responses to victimization. Compared with revenge, forgiveness was more effective at restoring sense of humanity - less self-harm, greater sense of belonging and greater importance of moral identity. More ...
From an article by Greater Good Magazine
Nourish 492
Nourish - helping to address maternal mental health
“The transition from being an independent career woman to a mother whose focus was nappies, sleep routines, feeds, was one of the most challenging life adjustments.” The Nourish app aims to help.. More ...
From information from Nourish Parents
Sanctuary 1 492
Mental Health - helping churches respond to growing challenges in our communities
The free, 8 session Sanctuary Course helps churches grow as safe, welcoming communities, prepared to support those who face mental health challenges. More ...
From Sanctuary UK
Pods 492
Pop-up pods help to tackle homelessness
Each ‘pod’ provides a bed, chemical toilet, charging facilities. Aimed at helping people sleeping on the streets who have complex needs so may struggle in hostel style accommodation. Have made a real difference. More ...
From an article by Salvation Army
Clinic 492
Doctors screening for ACEs have seen reduction in drugs given to children
"Understanding root cause of symptoms, addressing toxic stress in a child's life is a paradigm shift and allows us to address the whole child that simply treating symptoms doesn't." More ...
From an article in North Coast Journal
Circle 2 492
Step Inside the Circle
"In prison, you're not supposed to show your weaknesses. But to take each step forward in the circle was a reminder to ourselves that we still have humanity and we want to be loved. Most people on the outside don't understand it." More ...
From Compassion Prison Project
Helping 492
Mental health - see the person, not the problem
"I think the key question is: How can we (the Body of Jesus), enable this person, a disciple of Jesus, going through difficult times, to find and hold on to their vocation even in the midst of the storms?" More ...
From an article in The Plough
Migrants 1 492
How migration has shaped who we are 
The Migration Museum explores how movement of people to/from Britain has shaped identity–as individuals, communities, a nation. New Exhibition shines light on role migrant entrepreneurs have played in shaping our lives. More ...
From information from the Migration Museum
Never 492
Never Give Up: a complex trauma film by youth for youth 
Featuring 7 diverse young adults who examine challenges faced, mistakes made, growth attained in struggle to transcend legacies of developmental trauma. Offers collective wisdom, inspiration hope.. More ...
A video from the USA National Child Traumatic Stre
Stabilty 492
Family structure and stability matter for children
The future of a country rests partly on preparing next gen to live + lead. Research shows kids flourish if they have; 2 parents committed to each other; stable home life; economic resources; are welcomed. More ...
From a report by AEI and Brookings Institute
If Only 492
The solace of ‘At Least’ and the sting of ‘If Only’ 
Thoughts about the past that make us feel better are relatively rare, while thoughts that make us feel worse are exceedingly common. By making us feel worse today, regret helps us do better tomorrow. More ...
From an article by Behavioral Scientist
Ukraine 1 492
Talking to our young people about war 
"This war is not hitting them as the first challenge given the pandemic. My children's concept of the world now is that it's a scary, unpredictable, risk-filled place and their future is uncertain.." How to help.. More ...
From a webinar by Kintsugi Hope
Parents Toolkit 492
Mental health difficulties in young people: a toolkit for parents
It's stressful for a parent to see their child having mental health issues. Where to start? This toolkit has key topics, signposts to information, shared insight by parents and young people. More ...
From an initiative by the City Mental Health Allia
Orchestra 492
Making music, changing lives: Youth orchestras help at-risk kids 
“There’s benefits to music involvement; recovering from traumatic experiences, fostering positive experiences with learning and developing interpersonal skills - so essential to life." More ...
From an article by Elizabeth Thompson, North Carol
Teen 1 492
How to support your teen’s mental health 
Given the challenges teens have and are facing due to the pandemic, a Clinical Psychologist gives 9 tips on how to support your child’s mental health going forward.. More ...
From a blog by MyTutor
Tender 492
Preventing abuse through creative projects
Theatre-based education to learn about building healthy relationships, preventing children becoming victims or perpetrators of abuse and equipping them to have relationships based on equality and respect. More ...
From a report by Tender
Unicef 492
How do young people see the world differently? 
The Changing Childhood Project was created to better understand what it means to be a child in the 21st century. What is it like growing up today? And how do young people see the world differently? Answers... More ...
From a report by UNICEF
SEEN 492
Teaching children about early child development
A pilot in 21 secondary schools with 3700 pupils aiming to embed the key principles of early child development and neuroscience. The results have the potential to improve outcomes for future generations. More ...
From a project by the Department of Psychiatry, Un
Bipolar 492
A bipolar journey
A story of living with bipolar disorder. Of diagnosis, hospitalization, and a recovery journey, which includes forms of self-care, reliance on community, prescriptions, counselling and spiritual direction, being active and having hope. More ...
From a blog by Sanctuary Mental Health
Prevent ACEs 492
We can prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
When communities come together, they can do so much to prevent ACEs. Prevention cannot be left solely to government agencies. We can all help in implementing 5 strategies to create safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for all children. More ...
From a video by Centers for Disease Control and Pr
LaLaLandKind 492
La La Land Kind Café
Care leavers find it hard to get or maintain jobs. No income leads to homelessness, hunger, and decisions they shouldn’t have to make. One business trying to make a difference has a mission to make the world a kinder place. More ...
Geoff Knott
Social media harm 492
Parents can equip children to resist harms of social media
Ensure children enter into adolescence with full tank of resilience, good sense of own self-worth, lovability, attractiveness, based on their value as human beings who we love unconditionally. More ...
From an article by the Institute of Family Studies
Oprah 492
Oprah Winfrey and Dr Nadine Burke Harris discuss Adverse Childhood Experiences
"It's a systemic issue. Society looks at individuals and says pull yourself up by your bootstraps. I realized this is a public health crisis - we must take another approach." More ...
From Number Story
Videos 492
Smart videos for curious minds 
An award-winning collection of 5,000+ child-friendly videos, curated for teachers and parents who want to share smarter, more meaningful media in the classroom and at home. And it’s free and available for everyone. More ...
From The Kids Should See This
Curiosity 492
Nurturing curiosity and invention 
Virtually everyone begins life with building blocks to construct new ideas. But by 5, only some are still on a path to become adept at such thinking, while most leave it farther behind. But such a fate is not inevitable. More ...
From a blog by Child and Family Blog
Infographic 492
ACEs Infographic
An infographic produced by the US Gov. but a lot holds true for the UK, allowing for a smaller population. It gives a picture of the problems and potential actions for prevention, which are fairly universal. Food for thought... More ...
From an infographic by the US Government's Center'
ACE objectives 492
Possible national objectives to work towards to reduce ACEs
“Decades of evidence confirms that exposure to ACEs increases the risks of delayed development, mental health problems, chronic diseases.” Four Childhood Trauma Objectives introduced in USA are.. More ...
From an article by Salud America
Malory 246
The story of Malory Ruesch 
Raised by a single, alcoholic mother, the youngest of five children, she spent much of her early years alone. Turning to drugs to numb the pain, she spiralled out of control. And then Chuck came along.. More ...
From an article on Paces Connection
Pandemic 492
Why sharing stories of the pandemic is good for us 
We have been experiencing so much anxiety about the pandemic. Should parents try to “shield” their children from this stress and simply not talk about pandemic worry? The answer is absolutely not. More ...
From an article by Psychology Today
Choice 492
Healing the hidden wounds from childhood 
Dr. Edith Eva Eger, who in her 90s is still a practicing psychologist, is a Holocaust survivor. She recounts her her childhood adversities and shares life lessons and advice that can help us all. More ...
From an article by Psychology Today
Hope 1 492
Social Emotional Learning 
The process through which we understand + manage emotions, set + achieve positive goals, feel + show empathy for others, establish + maintain positive relationships, make responsible decisions Strong uptrend in positive outcomes. More ...
From material on Hope Rising
CSJ Trauma 492
Kenny - a story of trauma
All it takes is an alignment of circumstances, events which hit in violent succession, and then suddenly it’s your children in care, marked with a stigma that can seem indelible. More ...
From a report by The Centre for Social Justice
Play 2 492
Play has the potential to reduce inequality 
26 studies of play in 18 countries found in disadvantaged areas, kids showed greater learning gains in literacy, motor and social-emotional skills in centres with a mix of instruction, free and guided play. More ...
From an article by the Hechinger Report
Relational 492
Relational poverty
If you have adversity but also connections to family, community and culture, which are resilience building factors, you're not at any increased risk for bad outcomes. But adversity and poor connections equals significant risk increase. More ...
From an interview with Dr Bruce Perry
Cycle 492
Breaking The Cycle, reclaiming our humanity 
“Many people believe that humans have made great progress and there is no other option than this dehumanizing, anti-life, planet-destroying culture. In a short film, Breaking the Cycle, other options are shown." More ...
From a film Breaking the Cycle
emotions 492
How one little word gives you permission to feel your feelings
When you use the word “but” between two statements, it negates everything you say before it, while “and” allows you to be saying (and holding) both. “And” is a powerful word. As a concept for healing, it’s life-changing. More ...
From an article by Brickel and Associates
Happiness 3 492
If you want to be happy, try to make someone else happy
It’s counterintuitive for some people, but if you’re not having the best day, you should think about doing something nice for someone instead of concentrating on yourself. More ...
From an article in Greater Good Magazine
Positive 492
Experiences that build resilience strengthen children who face adversities 
From research evidence, a list of the top 10 types of relationships and resources that provide Protective and Compensatory Experiences that bolster children against adversity More ...
From an article on Child and Family blog
aces visits 492
The effect of patient evaluations for ACEs on doctor visits 
Integrating ACE questions for health check-ups led to a 35% reduction in doctor visits and 11% reduction in A+E visits. That has a multi-billion dollar implications for the cost of medical care. More ...
From a webinar by the Academy on Violence and Abus
Kindness 3 492
Should doctors prescribe kindness?
A doctors' practice has developed a parenting programme of events, lessons, and tools promoting kindness. Practicing kindness and purpose benefits children and helps kids care for others and flourish themselves. More ...
From an article by Greater Good Science Center
Prayer 3 492
The mental health benefits of prayer 
Prayer plays a significant role in helping those who have experienced trauma and live with mental health consequences. It is a vital way many people use to cope with everyday life and trauma history. More ...
From an article by the CPTSD Foundation
PCEs 492
Positive childhood experiences have greater impact than the bad 
"13% of adults with high levels of PCEs went on to experience depression and/or poor mental health as an adult. But the rate was 48% for those with fewer than 3 PCEs." More ...
From an article by Contemporary Pediatrics
Grandparents 492
Grandparents matter: intergenerational faith development 
Research found intergenerational relationships are 1 of 4 features of church life that create faith that ‘sticks’ into young adulthood. Given church demographics, grandparents have crucial role. More ...
From a blog by Youthscape
Discipline 492
Being a fair parent increases your authority
If your child thinks you are fair, they obey you as they see you as legitimate authority. Harsh disciplinary strategies backfire. Instead of eliciting a healthy fear, they undermine parental legitimacy. More ...
From an article by Child and Family Blog
Stuff 492
Stuff - developing a healthy relationship with material things
Are we preparing our children to be happy and free adults as we immerse them in a society where image is king and consumerism seems to control us? Some insights from parents... More ...
Bully 1 492
The vulnerability problem of the bully 
Bullies lack ability to care because to care sets them up to get hurt too much - they are wounded individuals and have hardened hearts. How do we restore emotional norms? More ...
From research by The Neufeld Institute
Cry 492
No Crying at the Dinner Table 
A film that highlights the common stigma in families against expressing emotional vulnerability. It presents a portrait of intergenerational trauma, grief, and secrets about things left unsaid. More ...
From a video by Carol Nguyen
mental health 6 492
15 things for young people to do if they are feeling lonely 
Anyone can experience loneliness. Almost 70% of young people said they have felt alone some or all of the time during the pandemic. Here are some tips.. More ...
From an article by the Mental Health Foundation
Barrier 1 492
Does childhood trauma affect our relationship with God?
The victims’ sense of being loved, accepted by God can be disrupted leading to difficulty in believing in God’s love. They may question God’s power and justice. Underreport God as absolute or just. More ...
From a research study published in the Internation
compassion 1 492
The 5 side-effects of compassion
Compassion affects the brain, cardiovascular health, slows ageing, increases emotional connections and motivates kindness. More ...
From an article by Dr David Hamilton
Lockdown 492
Does ‘lockdown learning’ question conventional education?
Many parents are recognising a disturbing truth revealed by the COVID-19 crisis: school is often regimented and boring and does not fit the way that their children learn naturally. More ...
From a article on Child and Family Blog
grief 492
Understanding and responding to grief 
How can you help someone grieving a loss? Grief may feel like a rogue wave that rises from one day, or even one moment, to the next, but you can help others ride out the wave and sail to a calmer sea. More ...
From an article by The Gottman Institute
Divorce 2 492
Low-level, poorly resolved conflict between parents affects children's mental health 
Damage is done not by a few instances, but by chronic interactions. Children become more sensitive to episodes which are exhausting emotionally and increase insecurity. More ...
From an article on Child and Family blog
StCloud 492
Whole people - healing communities
Trauma interrupts normal child development and exacts deep costs, to both the individual and the community. Here is a story of one neighbourhood working to change its destiny.. More ...
From a video on PBS
ACE tree 492
Adversity in childhood is linked to mental and physical health throughout life 
There are behavioural, emotional, neurobiological and physical consequences affecting cardiovascular, immune, metabolic and brain health. More ...
From a study in The BMJ
Consultation 492
Launch of screening for children and adults for trauma 
Early identification of trauma and providing the appropriate treatment are critical tools for reducing long-term health care costs for both children and adults. Should the NHS introduce screening? More ...
From an article by Center for Youth Wellness, Cali
CommunityShare 492
Imagine your community as a human library 
What would it look like if every community member saw themselves as an educator or mentor? Each of us has unique stories, skills, passions and experiences. When we share these gifts with each other.. More ...
From articles by CommunityShare
Chatta 492
Chatta - positive impact in speaking, writing and learning
Designed to increase the quality and quantity of parent/child interaction via school. 40% greater progress in both speaking and understanding than children without Chatta. More ...
From an article by Chatta
Youthstem 492
Youth STEM Matters 
Glasgow based social enterprise, YouthSTEM2030, is determined to empower young people around the world to use science, technology, engineering and maths to change the world through progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. More ...
From YouthSTEM2030
Nails 492
A person who speaks words that build up and encourage is a tree of life, but a person who speaks words that overwhelm and depress crushes the spirit. In other words, kind words heal and help; cutting words wound and maim. Prov 15v4 MSG More ...
From a track by Z317 Music
ethnic 492
How to respect my ethnic name
Things you should never say. Equally inappropriate actions. How to help. "I'm very proud of my name. It represents identity, my parents history and my culture." More ...
From an article by Anparasan Sivakumaran
Geek 492
Geek Challenge
Yarl IT Hub is a non-profit in Sri Lanka created to improve education, employment + entrepreneurship in community. Two competitions; YGC Senior - an entrepreneurship competition open to all youth, YGC Junior for junior students in schools. More ...
From an article by Center on Business and Poverty
Narcissus 492
How can parents build children’s self-esteem without turning them into narcissists 
Parents’ ideas about how to instil self-esteem e.g. with lavish praise, can inflate a child’s narcissism: a sense of one’s importance and entitlement. Some tips.. More ...
From an article by Child and Family
skill mill 492
The Skill Mill
Working with young offenders, changing their identity from one of offender to an employee with legitimate income, self-respect and a desire to change their behaviour and contribute positively to society and the economy. More ...
From an article by The Skill Mill
relationship 3 492
How to repair the little things so they don’t become big things 
Unspoken questions like “Do I matter to you?”, “Do you accept me as I am?” are always being asked internally. If it feels the answer is “no” to any question, our survival system sets off alarms. More ...
From an article from the Gottman Institute
Back to school 492
Managing ‘back to school’ anxieties 
Children will be returning to their classrooms and there will be a vast range of emotions that come as a result, from both children and parents. A few principles that might help... More ...
From an article by Care for the Family
10 Aces 492
Why 10 Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)?
The ACE Study revealed certain things we've been taught not to see, speak about, ask questions about. When these are explored, one finds high prevalence, relationships to major public health problems and to life expectancy. More ...
From a blog by ACEs Connection
Play 492
Learning through play: more than laughter and smiles 
Play works as an emotional toolbox—a safe space in which many emotions can be experienced without consequences or worrying about whether the emotion is acceptable to the big people in children’s lives. More ...
From a blog by Child and Family
Parent 492
A parent asks her child what she could have done better
The conversation could have hurt but it needed to be one that healed. Parent offered a generous and kind-hearted gift by engaging with the child - "let's heal together and grow stronger." More ...
From a video by Alison Cebulla, ACEs Connection
School 3 492
Family matters for student performance
Student performance cannot be understood apart from family dynamics. What should our communities and larger society be doing to help ensure that future generations of children have a stable, supportive, family life? More ...
From an article from the Institute for Family Stud
Wright 492
The difference a positive adult figure makes
Footballer Ian Wright talks about his teacher - Mr Pigden. More ...
Subtitles 492
Turning on the subtitles improves literacy
In a longitudinal study of continuous caption use at home, children who viewed with captions scored significantly higher in tests of word identification + passage comprehension compared with non-caption viewers More ...
From an article by Turn On the Subtitles
Elearning 492
ACEs e-learning
A number of free, government funded, online courses which take under 1 hour to help you and contacts in the community find out more about Adverse Childhood Experiences - stressful events occurring in childhood which raise risk of poor life outcomes. More ...
Geoff Knott
Online 1 492
Edtech for good: using tech to navigate the impacts of Covid-19 
Education faces some fundamental shifts. There has been unprecedented demand on Edtech companies to help organisations in this uncertain period and adapt. More ...
From an article on Digital Agenda
Diversity 2 492
10 books for children to read to celebrate racial diversity
Could primary school age books such as these help over the long-term to reduce the tensions we have seen in recent times and eventually change the culture? More ...
Geoff Knott
student 492
Is there a case for student mental health days?
Allow students to take mental health days off from school the same way you would a physical health day. Keeping track of these catch those struggling before it's too late. Saves lives. More ...
From a TEDx talk by Hailey Hardcastle
Resilience 3 492
The roots of resilience in children and young people 
Two short animations explain what resilience is and how we can nurture the resilience of children and young people, particularly in educational settings. More ...
From animations by Juliette Ttofa
Debate 492
Deeper Learning
An education philosophy that says students learn best with real work that resembles what they will likely encounter outside of school. An alternative to presenting students with atomized, decontextualized pieces of a subject. More ...
From an article by LA School Report
Abuse 2 492
Healing from sexual abuse can start with one word
After Rena Romano gained the courage to speak out about her experience of childhood sexual abuse, she discovered that few victims have the same supportive experience. More ...
From a Tedx talk
Family 492
Strong families - flourishing children
Children living in families with higher levels of resilience and connection are much more likely to flourish. This is true across all levels of income, health status and exposure to adverse childhood experiences. More ...
From an article by The Sector (Early Education)
Behaviour 492
Why your child is acting differently right now
As the threat of Covid-19 disrupts school, daycare and other activities for children, some parents are noticing changes in behaviour in their children as try to deal with stress and anxiety. More ...
From an article by
anxiety 492
Roots of youth anxiety 
Today youth must define themselves and the shape of their lives by referencing their own preferences, desires, and choices. This creates a powerful and relentless type of ethical responsibility for their own well-being. More ...
From an article by the Institute of Family Studies
Space 492
Space to Breathe - wellbeing for staff
“Soulful Wellbeing for School Staff” days take teachers out of the classroom for the day and give them tools for self-care and to establish healthy habits around wellbeing. Measured impact high. More ...
Geoff Knott
Hair Love 492
Hair Love
An Oscar-winning animated short film tells the heartfelt story of an African-American father learning to do his daughter’s hair for the first time. More ...
A video from Sony
PCEs 492
Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs)
Adults who report more positive childhood experiences (PCEs) are less likely to suffer from depression or poor mental health – and are more likely to have healthy relationships. More ...
Geoff Knott
Upshift 492
A UNICEF innovation programme, now in 22 countries, impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people. A local initiative for self-starting groups of 13-18s to come forward with ideas to address social problems within their community. More ...
From a video by UNICEF
Bridge 492
Creating a world where every child can access education 
The key barrier is not a lack of infrastructure, but continuous and rigorous support for teachers. More ...
From a keynote by Bridge International
ACEs film 492
One person's story of how adverse childhood experiences affected their life 
Children who experience stressful childhoods are more likely to; develop health-harming and anti-social behaviours, perform poorly in school, be involved in crime. More ...
Geoff Knott
Scales 4 492
Policy recommendations re Adverse Childhood Experiences - 4 
A look at strands of policy in the areas of 'Collecting evidence of the extent of adverse childhood experiences' and 'Innovating new models'. More ...
Geoff Knott
Upbeat 492
Upbeat - a healthier approach to boys' wellbeing
6-session course gives 13-16s a toolkit to take care of their emotional wellbeing, engage in honest conversations and spot signs when things aren’t going well. More ...
From a resource by the Salvation Army and YouthSca
Scales 3 492
Policy recommendations re Adverse Childhood Experiences - 3
A look at six policy strands in the legislative theme of 'Building capability and capacity in services and communities for trauma-informed best practice'. More ...
Geoff Knott
cgs 492
Common Good Schools Programme
Unique 10-week programme enables young people to put the principles of Common Good thinking into practice-respecting the dignity of each human being, contributing to positive social relationships, demonstrating stewardship and valuing community. More ...
Geoff Knott
Parenting 492
Essentials for parenting toddlers and preschoolers 
A free, online resource designed for parents of 2 to 4 year olds, Essentials for Parenting addresses common parenting challenges. Help parents build a safe, stable, and nurturing relationship with their child. More ...
Geoff Knott
Scales 2 492
Policy recommendations re Adverse Childhood Experiences - 2
A look at policy strands in first legislative theme; Building knowledge and expertise of trauma-informed best practice by creating a cross-government, multi-agency group of practitioners to establish and promote. More ...
Geoff Knott
tranquiliti 492
Tranquiliti - wellbeing of students at the heart of school strategy
Technology generating student-led insights into key drivers of academic success, while directly supporting students’ flourishing. More ...
From an article by Tranquiliti
Scales 492
Policy recommendations re Adverse Childhood Experiences - 1
As the UK increasingly becomes ACE-aware through various initiatives, there are policies that have been enacted in USA and Canada since 2014. Analysis of such legislation reveals a great awareness of the effect of ACEs. More ...
Geoff Knott
Citrus 492
Early enterprise education 
The UK currently lags behind when it comes to youth enterprise education. The consequence of this is that we risk dampening the country’s future economic prosperity. Some programmes tailored to young people. More ...
From a report by Gem Consortium
James 492
The repair of intergenerational trauma - James' story
How a childhood of trauma and adversity led James to feel despair, loneliness and rage. Walk with James as he begins to heal and create a new and hopeful future. More ...
From an animation by Beacon House
Pregnancy 2 492
Prenatal parental stress linked to behaviour problems in toddlers.
Expectant parents’ emotional struggles predict emotional and behavioural problems in 2-year-olds. More ...
From research by University of Cambridge’s Centre
Grief 1 492
How to help children handle grief after the death of a parent 
Intense feelings can be particularly hard to process for bereaved children dealing with the loss of an important figure like a parent. What can a parent or family member do to lovingly support a young child? More ...
From an article on Huffington Post
Reimagine 492
Reimagining Education Together 
If we are to truly prepare young people for life, work and citizenship in the modern world, we need both a broader view of success and a broader view of the learning ecosystem. More ...
From a report by Big Change
Housing estate 492
Moving to opportunity?
Does moving to housing in low-poverty areas increase life chances? Breaking up pockets of poverty by using benefits to encourage low-income families to move to "high opportunity" neighbourhoods? More ...
From an article on NPR
AV1 492
No Isolation robot
Enables children with long-term illness to virtually attend school, socialise with classmates and remain connected. It becomes their eyes, ears and voice in the classroom. More ...
From an article by Noisolation
Butterfly 492
Preparing for a transition
How do we help our children with change, whether that's leaving home, a new school, new house or new member of the family? Growing up inevitably involves change but sometimes we don't find it easy to manage. More ...
From an article by Parenting for Faith
Literacy 492
Harvard study shows the dangers of early school enrolment 
Children haven’t changed, but our expectations of their behaviour have. They are increasingly required to learn academic content at an early age that may be well above their developmental capability. More ...
From an article by the Foundation for Economic Edu
School 2 492
Story of a trauma-informed school
Children are coming to school already in a state of anxiety and they do not need anyone adding to that anxiety. We're not punishing children because they are behaving badly, we're trying to understand what has happened to them. More ...
From a video by ACE-Aware Scotland
2by10 492
Two-by-Ten strategy 
For 2 mins each day, 10 days in a row, teachers have a personal conversation with a disruptive student about anything the student is interested in. Resulted in 85-percent improvement in student's behaviour and in all the other students' behaviour. More ...
From an article by ASCD
Broken 1 492
The lasting effects of childhood trauma 
Have you ever met a person who woke up one morning and says, "My ambition is to become an addict." When people are in tremendous pain, their range of choices is limited and not only that their brains are affected by those early experiences. More ...
From an interview on STV
writing 492
The positive effects of expressive writing 
Expressive writing or journaling has a healing quality, encouraging writers to process and find meaning from a difficult life circumstance, to let it go, and to create a new story for their lives. More ...
From The Imagine Project
oslo 492
Can being in nature speed up healing?
At Oslo University Hospital, sick kids aren’t confined to bed. They fish, chop wood, shoot arrows and paint pictures, all in a woodland cabin 650 feet from the building. More ...
From various articles
Doors 492
Opening Doors - creating a trauma informed workforce
A video to open discussion on knowing how to adapt the way companies work to make a positive difference to people affected by trauma and adversity. Trauma is everybody’s business. More ...
From a video by NHS Scotland
Prisoners 492
More than eight in ten men in prison suffered childhood adversity 
Children who experience ACEs are more likely to adopt health-harming and anti-social behaviours as adults, are at much greater risk of poor health throughout life, and may have greater needs for support from healthcare and other public services. More ...
From an article by Public Health Wales
Book 492
The Little Book of Adverse Childhood Experiences 
Over half of the people you will meet today have lived with and been affected by ACEs. How would it alter the way you interact with them and your expectations of them, if you saw them through this lens? More ...
Geoff Knott
identity 492
Dwyane Wade is a US, 13-time All-Star basketball player who has just retired. His success belies his upbringing. To celebrate his final season, he has been swapping jerseys with NBA legends. Before he said goodbye, he was presented with 5 more. More ...
Geoff Knott
Brain 492
How compassion can triumph over toxic childhood trauma  
Supportive relationships are a key ingredient for change. Support from friends, family, spouses or neighbours or involvement in community can boost the quality and security of life for people. More ...
From an article by The Conversation
vroom 492
Vroom - boosting a child's learning
An app for parents and educators containing over 1,000 brain-building interactions you can do with your children. More ...
Geoff Knott
Father 1 492
Dad - a girl’s first and most influential love 
Evidence demonstrating the remarkable potential of the father-daughter relationship and the disastrous consequences for all when it is ignored. More ...
From a blog by the Institute of Family Studies
Forest 492
Little forest folk
Spending time in nature allows for a deep connection to the natural world and exposure to a learning environment full of imagination, challenge, inspiration, awe and wonder. Why and how to use forests instead of classrooms for learning environments. More ...
From a video on TED-Ed
Trauma 1 492
Childhood trauma could affect the next generation 
For every type of “adverse childhood event” (ACE) a parent went through, their children had 19% higher odds of poorer health and 17% higher odds of having asthma. More ...
From an article by Quartz
Summer 1 492
The value of real-world learning experiences
Real-world learning experiences, like summer camps, can significantly improve children’s knowledge in a matter of just days, a new study suggests. More ...
From an article by Ohio State University
FirstStar 492
First Star Academy
Placing young people who are in care into academies on university campuses to support, inspire and belong. The results are startling – over 90% who attend in the USA go on to study at university versus national average of 3%. More ...
Geoff Knott
EIF 492
Realising the potential of early intervention 
Early intervention is as pertinent to societal concerns today as it ever was. A report by the Early Intervention Foundation gives some insights into the latest state of play. More ...
From a report by Early Intervention Foundation
ACE school 492
One school’s story of building resilience 
Steps that staff have been taking as they work to put relationships and well-being at the heart of every single learning opportunity they offer to the 500 children in their care. More ...
From a video by ACE-Aware Scotland
Ring 492
Divorce rate falls by 28% after relationship education programme
Can we scale up Relationship Education services to saturate a community? Could Relationship Education make a larger impact than for just a few couples? More ...
From a blog by The Institute of Family Studies
Swing 492
In our efforts to protect, are we increasing children's anxiety?
To become a confident, competent adult, should children go outside more, make their own mistakes and figure things out? Putting children in control helps them learn to solve problems, and cope better in new environments. More ...
Geoff Knott
football 492
Refugee football
Each week on a Thursday night 7-8pm at a local Leisure Centre, Emmanuel Church volunteers gather up to 25 teenagers from almost as many different countries to play football. More ...
From an article by Emmanuel Church Oxford
Heckman 492
The Heckman Equation
Early nurturing, learning experiences and physical health from ages 0-5 greatly impact success or failure in society. The best time to develop skills, social abilities is in the very early years when developmental support is most effective. More ...
From research by Professor James Heckman
Domestic 492
Teenage mental health and family life
It should be fairly self-evident that the main way we cope with life depends in large part on the security we get from what is going on at home. Research shows two key factors.. More ...
From an article by the Marriage Foundation
Breathe 492
'Just Breathe'
A film made after a 5-year-old talked with his friend about learning how emotions affect different parts of the brain, and how to calm down by taking deep breaths. More ...
From a video by Wavecrest Films
Katwe 492
Raising aspirations
Why are positive role models considered powerful? An experiment in Uganda goes some way towards answering this question. More ...
From an article by the World Bank
Microschools 492
Micro-society schools 
With MicroSociety, school is society, a thriving, modern-day, mini-metropolis—complete with a government centre, entrepreneurial hub, non-profit organizations, consumer marketplace and community gathering spaces. More ...
Geoff Knott
ACE Aware 492
Stories of resilience 
Over the past 18 months, some charities in Scotland working in partnership with churches have been running a remarkable campaign to help make Scotland the first Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Aware nation in the world. More ...
Geoff Knott
Disconnect 492
Breaking the silence on child abuse
Nobody really knows how many adults were abused as children, either sexually, physically or emotionally. The devastating long-term impact of child abuse is only beginning to be widely understood. More ...
From a guest blog by Tony Thompson
gardener 492
Are you a gardener or a carpenter?
Caring deeply about our children is part of what makes us human. Do we shape them like a carpenter or create a protected and nurturing space for them to flourish as in a garden? More ...
From a book review of The Gardener and the Carpent
resilience 2 492
How to be a resilient parent 
Numerous researchers have concluded that how parents respond to stressors is much more important than the stressor itself in determining the outcomes for themselves and their children. More ...
From a study by Center of the Study of Social Poli
Wellbeing 492
Six things about resilience and wellbeing 
Lessons learned in improving resilience and emotional wellbeing in answer to the question, "Could life be more than just a struggle to keep my head above water?". More ...
From a blog by Mind and Soul Foundation
Family 492
Being truly present with our families 
Constitutive of a happy and satisfied life is living in the presence of those we love. Consistently. More ...
From a blog by Bacon from Acorns
Reading 2 492
The value to a family of reading
Reading aloud has been found to be significantly beneficial to both children and their parents. More ...
From an article by CNN
glass 492
Becoming a trauma sensitive school 
Beacon House have a great list of resources on their website as recommended to them by teachers, parents and mental health professionals. More ...
Geoff Knott
quarrel 492
Fostering empathy in children 
It’s easy to ask children of any age to apologise, and preparing children to understand why apologies matter is a crucial part of their development. More ...
From a blog by Famly
ONS 492
Children’s well-being and social relationships, UK: 2018 
Children’s well-being is an important part of the nation’s well-being. Childhood sets the foundation for a well-functioning and healthy adulthood. More ...
From an article by ONS
NQA 492
No Questions Asked 
Youthscape study discovers a profound lack of questioning around God, faith and religion among the young people they spoke to. More ...
From a report by Youthscape
Spear 492
The Spear programme helps 16-24-year-olds,who are not in education, employment or training, into work or training in partnership with employers. More ...
Geoff Knott
Dog 492
The effect of a dog in school 
A comfort dog is a counselling support. They possess the two most important qualities of an effective social worker or counsellor--unconditional acceptance and warmth. More ...
Geoff Knott
Mother 1 492
Community mothers 
How do you reach migrant families that stretched social services do not have time to relate to? Berlin trains unemployed mothers that are long-established in Germany but are themselves from immigrant backgrounds. More ...
From a blog by Apolitical
red flag 492
Relationship red flags 
Six warning signs that indicate a relationship is in trouble and that are particularly important to root out before they do permanent damage. More ...
From a blog by The Institute of Family Studies
Families 492
2018 Modern Families Index 
A significant proportion of UK’s working parents are struggling to cope with long work hours – and stalling and downshifting their careers for family life. More ...
From a report by Working Families and Bright Horiz
Bullying 492
Bullying insights
Early childhood settings provide an opportunity for educators to effectively prevent and stop the emergence of bullying behaviour and to foster the development of positive social interactions. More ...
From a report by PromotePrevent
Yondr 492
Yondr - helping to live phone-free 
The effect on school campuses has been dramatic; increased attention, more socialising, better grades and lower number of discipline issues. More ...
Geoff Knott
Apprentice 492
Children’s or Youth Work Apprenticeships 
An option for children and youth workers? The Government part-fund costs and the apprentice must receive training towards vocational qualifications. More ...
Parents toddlers 492
Reasons to prioritise Early Years
Early Years development is at the heart of social mobility. The reasons underscore the importance of focusing on ideas and interventions that can impact child outcomes as soon as possible. More ...
From a blog by Nesta
Window 492
Window of tolerance 
An insightful video by Beacon House which explains how a child with many adverse childhood experiences swings from fight/flight to freeze/collapse; and what adults can do to help More ...
A video from Beacon House
Kindness 1 492
Can kindness be taught? 
Teaching kindness really does make a difference. Better behaviour, discipline rates down, inclusiveness up, grades up, student conflicts down, teacher-student relationship stronger. More ...
Geoff Knott
touch 492
The power of touch
Touch sends a powerful message – it can do and say much more than words ever could. More ...
Geoff Knott
Alike 492
The example we set for our children - how we choose to lead our lives - is much, much more important than what we say. More ...
From a video by Daniel Lara and Rafa Mendes
Family 492
Parents now spend twice as much time with their children as 50 years ago 
With the exception of France, parents these days spend a lot more time with their offspring - especially fathers. Britain is one of the leading countries. More ...
From an article in the Economist
Footprints 492
What makes families resilient? 
Children who know a lot about their family tend to be more resilient and therefore have better chances for good outcomes when faced with challenges. More ...
From research by Dr Marshall Duke
Divorce 2 492
Family breakdown - a major influence on teen mental health 
More than a third of children whose parents had split up reported poor mental health, compared to only a fifth with parents who were still together. More ...
From a report by The Marriage Foundation
school 492
Making the case for new school designs 
Our model of schooling is more than 100 years old and has barely changed in that time. 10 questions to help thinking. More ...
From a blog by The Innovation Unit
Teachers 492
Teachers - born to make a difference
Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be. More ...
From a Tedx talk by Rita Pearson
legal 492
Legislating to become trauma-informed
Information on policies aimed at reducing trauma and toxic stress and promoting resiliency and trauma-informed practices in institutions. More ...
Geoff Knott
Bully 492
Bullying Junior 
Each year approximately 30% of students worldwide are the target of bullying.  Lives are lost or forever changed. How can we challenge such behaviour? More ...
From material by No Bully
Waves 492
Far beyond the waves 
Charlotte and Gavin wait in hope to be parents, but are also aware that it might not happen. They trust God regardless of their disappointments.  More ...
From a video by CV
realworld 492
School and community needs as real-world catalysts for learning
By using real-world problems as projects for children to solve, a primary school empowers, engages, and excites students. More ...
From an article by Edutopia
Remerge 492
Reducing reoffending by keeping mothers and children together 
Diverting women from prison and keeping families together can save money and help break the intergenerational cycle of incarceration. More ...
From a blog by Pew Research
Language 492
Language as a child wellbeing indicator 
A report on how language development in early years links to social, emotional and learning outcomes in later years. More ...
Early Years Foundation
Reading 2 492
Creating a love of reading 
Research into role of mothers and fathers - different impact on development? More ...
From a blog by the University of Wollongong, NSW,
Treasure 492
A Therapeutic Treasure Box 
A book packed with tools, methods and suggestions that will be indispensable to therapists, parents and anyone working with traumatised kids. More ...
Geoff Knott
RJ 492
Restorative justice in schools 
Restorative justice programmes have had a measurable impact on school behaviour and educational outcomes. More ...
Geoff Knott
Reading 492
Increasing the time parents read to their children 
Nudges increased parental engagement, doubling reading time and benefiting children. More ...
Geoff Knott
Trauma 492
Becoming a trauma informed environment 
Research into Adverse Childhood Experiences has meant trauma-informed practices are rising globally in schools, prisons, etc. More ...
Geoff Knott
Parent report 492
What do parents hope and fear for their children? 
The Parent Report from Spurgeons Childrens Charity looks at parents’ hopes and concerns for their children and where they turn for help. More ...
Geoff Knott
Commission 492
Commission on Inequality in Education 
As well as factors including location, income, etc., the importance of parental engagement in education was assessed. More ...
Geoff Knott
XQ 492
Reimagining senior school 
In the USA, 13 schools in 11 cities are exploring new, innovative ways to engage students and prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow. More ...
Geoff Knott
Chain 492
Working with young women in prison 
Young female offenders and ex-offenders in particular are in desperate need of positive role models, new skills, new opportunities and new aspirations. More ...
Geoff Knott
Thanks 492
Counting your blessings improves mental health  
Recent evidence suggests if the practice of gratitude is added to counselling, it shows great psychological benefits. More ...
From research by Joel Wong and Joshua Brown, India
Streetplay 492
Street Play - communities brought together by kids playing in the road 
Closing a street for several hours, several times per year so that kids can play in the street and through that neighbours can meet each other. More ...
Geoff Knott
PREP 492
Within My/Our Reach - an opportunity to improve relationships 
Workshops birthed out of 30 years of research in the field of relationship health given to over 300,000 people. Results; lower divorce rates, better communication skills, reduction in violence. More ...
Geoff Knott
dads 492
Dads want to succeed as fathers but parent relationship needs to be strong
There is a narrative of absent fathers who had multiple children with different women and abandoned them. However, research on those fathers offers another, more uplifting story. More ...
Geoff Knott
baby 492
Voice for the voiceless 
What you won’t find in the news each day Is that five hundred babies were aborted in the UK Their silence in death matches our silence in life An inconvenience kept out of sight More ...
Geoff Knott
Pregnancy 492
10 myths about parenthood and mental health
NCT have debunked popular myths and misconceptions about mental health as related to pregnancy and early years parenting. More ...
From an article by NCT
GenZ 492
Gen Z: Rethinking Culture 
Research on youth culture to help to understand how to connect effectively with today’s young people and share the good news of Jesus. More ...
From research by Youth for Christ
ollie 492
Ollie's story 
200,000 children are affected by parental imprisonment each year. Here is the story of one of them. More ...
From a video by PACT
raki 492
Random App of Kindness 
Is it possible, through an app, to teach children empathy? Early results promising.. More ...
Geoff Knott
kindness 492
Children's books that encourage kindness towards others 
Kindness is one of the most important character traits and books can help show the best ways to be kind to others or why kindness matters. More ...
Geoff Knott
8 things to remember about child development 
Harvard University's Centre for the Developing Child has published a list of key findings about aspects of early child development. More ...
From an article by Harvard University's Centre for
Safe Families 492
Safe Families for Children 
Helps stop children being taken into care. Instead they are placed temporarily with volunteer Host Families, mostly from churches. More ...
Geoff Knott
Lets Talk 492
Let's Talk 
Short videos and education packs that encourage conversations about key mental health topics. More ...
Geoff Knott
Life 492
The Beginning of Life 
This beautiful film, supported by UNICEF, explores the impact of a child’s early environment on their cognitive, social and emotional development. More ...
Geoff Knott
CoS 492
Circle of Security 
An early intervention programme about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened. More ...
Geoff Knott
selfharm 492
A Parent’s Guide to Self-harm 
Selfharm UK have published 'A Parent’s Guide to Self-harm' and an article 'Ten Top Tips for Parents of Children who Self-Harm'. More ...
From an article by Selfharm UK
father 492
Fatherhood: the impact of fathers on children’s mental health 
From pregnancy and early years through to adolescence, fathers are a major influence on a child’s emotional and behavioural health. More ...
From a report by the Centre for Mental Health
Grandparents 492
Grandparents and children - two-way benefits?
We intuitively know that grandparents contribute to children's wellbeing but what are those benefits and are there reciprocal ones to grandparents? More ...
Geoff Knott
Creativity 492
Encouraging creativity 
Creativity is very relevant to the way people work and also discovering who you are - what interests you and what could be your vocation. More ...
Geoff Knott
Shelter 492
Books that help children understand migrant and refugee experiences 
A great resource to help get children focusing on identity, belonging, conflict, migrant and refugee experiences - helping them make sense of the world around us and our place in it. More ...
From an article by The Centre for Literacy in Prim
emotions 492
Teaching children about emotions 
Helping children to understand and manage their emotions is a key to their future health and development. More ...
Geoff Knott
mother 492
The things I would tell myself before I had children 
Emi Watson is a mum of two and a Digital Advertising Sales Manager. In this extract from her blog on the Mental Health Foundation website, she reflects on the changes she has experienced since becoming a mum. More ...
From the Mental Health Foundation
zeroto3 492
The 'Missing' First Year?
While parents have a general understanding that what happens in a child’s early years can last a lifetime, many don’t realize at what age babies and toddlers can begin to feel complex emotions. More ...
Geoff Knott
LearntoLead 492
Empowering the young to lead
Learn to Lead - a programme for youngsters that takes engagement to a new level. Applicable to church children and youthwork? More ...
Geoff Knott
Limited 492
Forecasting which children will cost society the most 
20% of the population accounts for the lion’s share of social costs such as crime and welfare dependence as adults. Can we predict at age 3 and intervene? More ...
From research by King’s College London, Duke Unive
people 492
Higher levels of education do not mean higher levels of tolerance 
Education is said to make people more tolerant by enhancing their knowledge and reasoning skills. As the generations become better educated and enlightened, does society become more tolerant? More ...
From an article by Jan Janmaat, UCL
We are family 492
We are Family: the changing face of family ministry
How is the Church working with families today? What does this ministry look like? What training and resources are available for those working in this field? More ...
From research by CGMC and The Methodist Church
resilience 1 492
10 tips for building resilience in children and teens 
Building resilience — the ability to adapt well to adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or even significant sources of stress — can help our children manage stress and feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. More ...
From a guide by the American Psychological Associa
easypeasy 492
EasyPeasy - learning through play, every day 
Nearly half of children arrive at school ‘not ready to learn’. EasyPeasy is an app for parents to use that supports learning through play at home and shows significant improvement in school readiness skills. More ...
Geoff Knott
EIF Cost 492
£17bn per year - the cost of late intervention
Results of research of the costs of ‘late intervention’: the acute, statutory and essential benefits and services that are required when children and young people experience significant but preventable difficulties in life. More ...
From a report by EI Foundation
working parents 492
How families are combining work and family life
Earlier this year, Working Families published their 3rd Modern Families Index - a snapshot of family life in the UK today. In particular, it focuses on how families combine work and family life. More ...
Working Families
Mate 492
Adverse Childhood Experiences - a doctor's story
Gabor Maté has worked worked in a palliative care and in an area challenged by hard core addiction, mental illness, HIV and related conditions. He talks about the importance of early years' development. More ...
From a talk by Gabor Maté
sulky child 492
5 steps of emotion coaching to help child development 
Successful parents tend to do 5 very simple things with their children when they were emotional. Children who had “Emotion Coaches” for parents were on a more positive developmental trajectory. More ...
Geoff Knott
Village 1 492
The Village
This is the story of a remarkable village in Luquan, Kunming which has taken 166 special needs children from the Kunming orphanage into their families. A picture of God adopting us. More ...
From a video by Care for Children
adoption 492
Home for Good - a home for every child that needs one
Sunday 6th November 2016 is Adoption Sunday. It is an opportunity each year for the Church to share the good news of our adoption into God’s family and to respond to the needs of young people in the UK care system. More ...
From Home for Good
What to expect when 492
What to expect, when?
A simple guide which takes parents of 0-5 year olds through the expectations of each age band and how they can support their children’s learning and development. More ...
A publication of 4Children
Parenting Styles 492
Four Styles of Parenting 
Developmental psychologists have identified four parenting styles and all have different impacts on children; Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, Uninvolved. What is impact on children? More ...
From an article by Kendra Cherry
Resilience 492
How a community becomes trauma-informed
A few weeks back, I wrote about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the effect they have on adult health including mental illness, doing time in prison, and work issues, such as absenteeism. More ...
Geoff Knott
encourage 492
'You'll either be a millionaire or locked up.'
We can all encourage youngsters as they grow up and that can, without you knowing, have a great affect on their future. To illustrate this, here are two stories: More ...
Geoff Knott
Mindset 492
Why mindset matters
A fixed mindset believes intelligence is static which leads to children not achieving their potential. A growth mindset on the other hand believes that intelligence can be developed and leads to higher levels of achievement. More ...
Geoff Knott
VCS 492
Private schools helping primaries in deprived areas  
In Silicon Valley, California, there is a very high achieving set of schools – Valley Christian Schools. They have linked with a primary school in a local area where there are lots of social issues. The results in this primary school have risen More ...
Geoff Knott
Village 492
Where is the village?
It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, but where is that village today? Bill Milliken, now 75, reflects on lessons he has learnt from helping troubled students in the USA stay in school, graduate, and succeed in life. More ...
From a talk by Bill Milliken, co-founder Communiti
Mum and child playing 492
Three resources for parents of toddlers
Free downloadable resources for you to give away in your community to parents of 1-5's and advertise your parent and toddler group based on resources of SKIP, a community campaign in New Zealand. More ...
Geoff Knott
Parents and baby 492
Three resources for expectant and new parents
Free downloadable resources for you to give away in your community to expectant or new parents and advertise your parent group, based on resources of SKIP, a community campaign in New Zealand. More ...
Geoff Knott
money and marriage 492
The marriage gap between rich and poor parents 
The Marriage Foundation has found that a marriage gap between rich and poor parents exists throughout Europe, contrasting marriage rates between top and bottom income quintiles. More ...
From a briefing paper by The Marriage Foundation
Art 492
Key factor that predicts community involvement
A study in 2013 found that attending cultural or sports events was the largest predictor of civic engagement. Young people who said they went "often" to theatre, ballet, classical concerts, museums, galleries or sports events More ...
Geoff Knott
Refugee youth club 492
Youth club for young refugees and asylum seekers
An example of a church which started a youth venture among vulnerable young refugees and asylum seekers. "Once the basic needs are provided for [by the authorities], their other needs take a back seat. More ...
Geoff Knott
ACE 492
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and future health
A multi-year survey of 17000 patients looked at their health and also asked what childhood traumas they had experienced. When the doctor conducting the research first saw the results, he was stunned. “I wept,” he says. More ...
Geoff Knott
Ragged School 492
John Pounds, Thomas Guthrie, Thomas Cranfield
A cobbler, a minister, a tailor. Men of faith who started teaching poor children in the late 18th/early 19th century that led to a revolution in the British education system. More ...
Geoff Knott
Mental Health 492
Resources for youth mental health
"Some people with mental health problems today are almost guaranteed to live a life in poverty. And the number of people who suffer from poor mental health is larger than you might think." More ...
Geoff Knott
Parents 492
Wide division in building good childhood foundations in high-low socio-economic families
"Social mobility begins in the home. Parenting has not received the attention it deserves. Parents provide the foundations for children’s progress in later life" More ...
Geoff Knott
helping children succeed 492
Help children by helping their parents
In 1986, in a few of the poorest neighborhoods in Kingston, Jamaica, researchers held an experiment that has done a great deal to change our thinking about how to help children succeed. Its message: Help children by supporting and coaching their parents. More ...
From an essay by Paul Tough, author
Children in care 492
Too many children in care ending up behind bars 
An independent review, established by Prison Reform Trust. Around half of the 1,000 children currently in custody in England and Wales have experience of the care system. This is despite fewer than 1% of all children in England More ...
An independent review Prison Reform Trust
Parental Relationships and Chi
The effect of inter-parental relationships on children
The quality of the inter-parental relationship, specifically how parents communicate and relate to each other, is increasingly recognised as a primary influence on effective parenting practices and More ...
Professor Gordon Harold and Dr. Ruth Sellers
Afterschool club 492
After-school clubs help poorer primary school pupils to get ahead
Taking part in after-school clubs can give primary school children from poorer families a boost in academic performance and provide them with important social skills. According to a new working paper More ...
From article-Emily Tanner NatCen Social Research
Helping in homeless shelter 49
The opportunity of work experience and community service
Why do university educated, professional classes continue to move ahead while those at the bottom can remain stuck? What can we do about the advantages that are lacking? More ...
Geoff Knott
education 492
6 resources to help with education
When the Life Chances initiative was launched in January 2016 to help the poorest children in the country, one of the 4 areas of focus was education. Many churches are already involved in giving assemblies, etc., but what might be extensions More ...
Geoff Knott
Lifesavers 492
Lifesavers - financial education and savings clubs
The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Task Group and pfeg, the Personal Finance Education Group are rolling out LifeSavers, a national financial education programme for primary schools. Could you register a primary school you are involved with? More ...
Geoff Knott
School Kit 492
School Kit - for parents to help their kids get the best out of school
TLG have just launched a video-based course called School Kit. School can often present challenges to children and to parents. School Kit brings together the experiences of lots of parents and unpacks More ...
Geoff Knott
couple arguing 492
6 resources to help relationships - families and early years
In my last blog about this subject, we looked at resources that could be helpful in developing good parenting for early years. In this one, let's look at resources that churches can use to help relationships. More ...
Geoff Knott
Mum and child playing 492
11 resources for parenting - families and early years
"Families are the best anti-poverty measure ever invented. They are a welfare, education and counselling system all wrapped up into one. Children in families that break apart are more than twice as likely to More ...
Geoff Knott
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