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Pathway 246Overcoming generational poverty 

From an article and video by the Salvation Army

Ruth Beltran was at the end of herself. After leaving an abusive relationship, she was now a single mother of six, struggling to make ends meet. She found herself living in her car with her children. “I went into a state of despair."

Salvation Army's Pathway of Hope in Canada and USA is an initiative that aims to help families break the cycle of crisis and vulnerability, to have an intergenerational impact. It meets immediate needs like housing and food instability, but aims to have a lasting impact by addressing the root causes of poverty through personalized case management. 

When Ruth and her family met The Salvation Army, everything changed. With the resources that Pathway of Hope offered, she was able to get into an apartment, find childcare, increase her income by finding a better job, and even build a community at her local Salvation Army church. Her children greatly benefited from a stable and healthy environment and are now thriving, with the oldest siblings now in higher education.

Watch this 8 minute video to hear Ruth’s story:

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From an article and video by the Salvation Army, 03/05/2023

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