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From a video by Care for Children

This is the story of a remarkable village in Luquan, Kunming which has taken 166 children from the Kunming orphanage into their families. Although this is a story from China, there are lessons for us here.

The children had a very tough life before they were put in the orphanage and there they received institutional care but not family love. 

There are 70 families in the village, all Christians, who have adopted 166 children, many with special needs and they love and care for them. They are expressing the love of Jesus. Mothers, fathers, brothers,sisters, uncles, aunties, and then the extended family - the whole community. The Bible says, "You will know them for their love for one another".

It's been a remarkable work. God intends us to be in a family. "We were all orphans once, and God took us into His family."

Care For Children want to see a million children placed back into families because it's something that's clearly mandated in scripture. It will make a significant difference to those children's lives. .

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From a video by Care for Children, 01/11/2016

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