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Fleetwood 246Working in partnership for positive health - stories from Fleetwood

A webinar by Future NHS

The pandemic has created additional local challenges around life expectancy and increasing positive health outcomes of local residents. In Fleetwood, Lancashire, a range of local partners are creatively collaborating with local residents across their community to positively change this. This initiative is known as Healthier Fleetwood.

The organisation is not actively organising activities but providing support to the community and individuals to achieve their goals, mainly where there is a clear impact on health. Its structure is organised differently from other similar organisations. Healthier Fleetwood is not constituted as a Charity or Business; instead, it relies on its partners’ goodwill to come together for the greater good of the community. This gives them the flexibility to evolve with the town’s needs and re-shape themselves as needed, serving as a communications bridge between the community and the organisations.

Here are some of their stories in a 5 min video:

Lancaster University have also produced the Little Book of Healthier Fleetwood. It tracks the history and gives some key insights to replicate the programme in other UK towns moving forward.

There is an online NHS event 2pm-3pm on 1st December 2022 about this initiative with the intent to multiply to other towns. Details of 'Fleetwood: connecting stakeholders to support the growth of the community' are here.

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A webinar by Future NHS, 12/10/2022

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