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Reading 2 246The value to a family of reading 

From an article published by CNN 

The value of reading to our children - for them and us - is reinforced by the growing body of research on the topic.

A recent meta-analysis of 19 studies published in the journal Pediatrics found that reading aloud was significantly beneficial to children and their parents.

In most of the studies - which involved more than 3,000 families - the parents were assessed as well as their children, and reading aloud appeared to strengthen parents' feelings of competence, improve the quality of their relationships with their children and even reduce parental stress or depression.

Reading aloud to children improves a young mind's cognitive development (thinking, problem-solving, decision-making) and reduces behaviour problems, research shows. As with playing board games, reading to them increases concentration and attention spans. Reading aloud even outperforms conversation when it comes to exposure to vocabulary and advancing a child's literacy.

And yet, too many of us stop before the children want us to. In Australia, more than a third of children aged 6 to 11 whose parents had stopped reading to them wanted to continue.

Improving a child's reading skills and cognitive ability is important to their success in school, work and life. "If you are going to get anywhere in life," Roald Dahl is credited with saying, "you have to read a lot of books."

The conversations children have around themes and ideas in books help them make sense of the world. And it's a joyful way to connect and be close with your child. It's quality time.

And because reading aloud is pleasurable, parents and teachers reinforce a child's habit of reading because they create a positive association with it. It's one of the most virtuous circles of parenting and teaching.

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From an article by CNN, 09/05/2018

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