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The Thinker (Wrong Turns) 246The Thinker (Wrong Turns)

From a track by Z317 Music

Rodin's famous sculpture, 'The Thinker' was envisaged as part of a much larger work. He was to be placed on or by 'The Gates of Hell'. He watches the scene, wrapped in contemplation. His body suggests an intense intellectual struggle. While the right arm supports the head deep in thought, the left hand is open, as if wanting to intervene....

“Wisdom, knowledge, common sense, insight will keep you from making wrong turns or following bad directions.” Proverbs 2

Some reflections:


London International Monthly Film Festival
Rome Best 246
Rome Movie Awards
Prague finalist 246 black
Prague International Film Festival
Best MV Semi-Finalist 246
Best Music Video Awards
High Tatras OS 246
Honorable Mention Best Spiritual Music Video
Int short film selection 246
Euro Video Finalist  

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From a track by Z317 Music, 23/02/2021

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