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Climate 2 246Climate Emergency Toolkit 

Produced by Tearfund, in partnership with a broad coalition of organisations, activists and church leaders, the Climate Emergency Toolkit provides a route map for your whole church or organisation to respond to the climate emergency.

There are three simple but powerful actions that will have an impact far beyond your own walls:

  1. Prepare. Start the conversation about the climate emergency and begin planning your response.
  2. Declare. Recognise, declare or acknowledge an emergency in a way that engages your community and amplifies the need for leaders everywhere to act. 
  3. Impact. Support and empower everyone in your church family to champion climate action wherever they already are, and to pray for change.

Watch this 2 1/2 min introductory video:

Download the Toolkit from here.

For policy makers, see the Urban Cooling Toolbox. This provides a collection of options to lower urban temperatures and reduce the impact of the urban heat island effect, to inform cities’ actions to adapt to extreme heat as part of climate action planning. Each option is presented on a ‘card’ that are designed to be used as facilitation tools in planning workshops.

The cooling options are grouped into six categories:

  • Green infrastructure, such as trees, green roofs, green corridors and permeable pavements.
  • Blue infrastructure, including drinking fountains, water cooling, public swimming pools, fountains and water bodies.
  • Grey infrastructure, such as cool roofs, façade shading, solar window film, cool pavements, and passive cooling in buildings.
  • Communications and outreach, including cooling centres, outreach and communications campaigns.
  • Policy, which includes climate design guidelines, heat emergency response plan, cooling tax rebate programmes and cool/green roof regulations.
  • Urban development, such as urban geometry and building materials.

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Produced by Tearfund in partnership, 27/09/2022

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