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From a video by Fresh Expressions

Following on from publication of research on 1100+ fresh expressions of church in November 2016, I thought I would let you know about 'Refresh'. This is  a project from Fresh Expressions in UK and Awaken Movement in USA which is meant to inspire you to go start something new for Jesus. There is also a book which is a guerrilla manual to help get you started - meant to be read in less than 30 minutes.    

Here is some information about Refresh:

You may have heard of missional communities, church plants, organic church, hub church, or even new monastic communities, all of which are names to describe a non-traditional church, the ones with a building and a steeple and a door for the people. Fresh expressions of church are very different. They emerge among homeless people, the residents in an apartment building, users of a laundry, people learning English, even people on the beach, people in cafes and pubs and in the workplace, wherever people hang out and do life.

They're not stepping stones to an existing church because fewer and fewer people are seeking out the traditional churches. They are church for people right where they are in the middle of everyday life.

The ideas behind fresh expressions have the power to recalibrate your experience of church.

Here is a 3 minute video about Refresh:

As I looked at this it reminded me of the Luke 10 model - the sending out of the 72 disciples. They prayed, blessed people, had fellowship with them, met their needs and shared the gospel. Here in the Fresh model we see something very similar - they prayerfully find ways to serve the people around them. They build community with those involved and share Jesus with anyone who'll listen to them, and they encourage church to take shape around individuals coming to faith.

Might it be time to reimagine your role in the great story of God and His kingdom, time to discover with fresh eyes what the Spirit may be calling you into? 

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From a video by Fresh Expressions, 20/03/2017

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