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100 days 246The 100 Day Challenge

From a report by Nesta

Nesta have published a report reflecting on five years of the 100 Day Challenge, which has delivered people-powered change in health and care in over 35 different locations across the UK.

Front-line practitioners and people who rely on health and care services have unrivalled expertise in how the system operates, but often have little influence or ownership over change. The 100 Day Challenge allows front-line staff and citizens to collaborate and experiment with new ways of working, testing them for 100 days to see if they make a difference.

“All of a sudden in the space of 100 days I felt like in real time we’d moved what we would have done in probably a year and a half… It was one of the best pieces of transformational change work I’ve been involved in.” Gemma Clifford.

The report explores five ingredients to achieving success through the 100 Day Challenge, demonstrated through real-life examples:

  • Local - taking a place-based approach to change
  • Participation - working with front-line staff and citizens
  • Pace - rapidly testing and learning
  • Action - testing a range of ideas in the real world
  • Results - seeing improvements in people's lives

The results, learning and impact generated by teams are impressive and happen at a number of levels:
1. Core system metrics and clinical outcomes.
2. Culture and mindset changes (such as strengthened relationships between the statutory and voluntary sectors)
3. Results for people and communities (such as tangible improvements to people’s lives in the places they live and work).

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Download the report from here.

This could be used for other issues in the community apart from health.

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From a report by Nesta, 24/03/2020

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