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From resources provided by The Diocese of London

Many churches rely on fundraising to resource their mission and are often seeking ways to increase their income. The Diocese of London has produced a set of guides for churches and staff to use to better engage their congregations and communities or apply to trusts and foundations for support, especially for capital projects.

Although the focus is helping parishes within the diocese, there are a number of general documents which could be of help to any church.

Here is a list:

Starting your fundraising campaign
Don’t know where to start? Here is an explanation of the fundraising process and templates for a fundraising feasibility study.

Making a case for support
Thinking through robust responses to these questions before you begin any funding applications is a good place to start. It also will ensure consistency in the communications you will have with funders.

Community audits
This helps set any project that needs funding in context of strategies for mission and ministry.

Developing a fundraising plan
Before you can undertake your campaign you will need to have a fundraising plan in place. A good fundraising feasibility study and community audit makes this job much easier.

Recruit your fundraising committee
Once your project is confirmed to go ahead and you know the costs that will be involved you will need to recruit your fundraising team/committee.

Communicating your fundraising campaign
Once you have developed your campaign plan and case for support you need to communicate your message effectively to all of your target audiences.

Eligibility for Heritage Lottery Fund or Big Lottery Fund grants

Gifts in wills
A plan on how to introduce or develop your gift in wills programme within your community.

Building friends: a toolkit for new friends’ groups
When visiting a major historic tourist attraction, you may well have come across literature promoting a friends’ group there. But have you thought of setting one up for your church? There is also a sample constitution for a friends’ group.

Community events fundraising
From sponsored runs to gala dinners, Strictly Come Dancing evenings to car washes, raising money through events should be part of every churches fundraising strategy. Raising money in this way has a range of additional benefits, it engages people, it should be FUN, everyone has a part to play and it is a great way to engage with your community. There is a very comprehensive list of ideas on the CAFOD site.

Personal stewardship
It is essential also to encourage generosity and personal giving. This helps church members connect their giving with their faith - seeing their giving as a response to the giving of a generous God. They understand that their giving enables mission and ministry, rather than simply paying the bills and they feel that they, and their gifts, are valued by the church. There are resources on the Parish Giving site which could be a help with this.

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From resources provided by The Diocese of London, 01/05/2017

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