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Prayer Walk 246City-wide prayer evangelism - Sheffield

From an initiative Arise Sheffield

During this month, March 2021, hundreds of believers from 90 churches across Sheffield will be prayer walking their streets.

They are prayer walking along the streets they know and love to bless their city. They want to cover every street and walkers have an app to simply mark where they've prayer walked. In this way, they can see what streets need  prayer next.

They are praying that people will know Jesus, that restoration will come to many areas of people lives e.g. for good relationships, strong families. That people, communities, businesses and jobs will be blessed.

Detailed instructions have been put on this website for those who want to be involved.

After every street is covered in prayer, the churches will be sending an Easter card to every house in the city - that's 250,000 houses.

Watch this 2 minute video:

Could you unite with other churches in your town/city to do the same at some point in the future?

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From an initiative Arise Sheffield, 02/03/2021

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