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Here's an idea that builds on the positive effect of gratitude - see blog, Counting your blessings improves mental health.

Hope For The Community CIC is based in Coventry and takes a 'Gratitude Wall' to museums, galleries, festivals, schools and workplaces for communities to share what they are thankful for and learn about the benefits of practising gratitude.

The 'Gratitude Wall' is one or a number of linked blackboards labelled 'Today, I am grateful for..'. People write their answers in chalk on the board(s).

They believe that this project touches the role that art and research have in our society and contributes to meaningful links with our communities.

Here's some of the potential benefits:

  • Gratitude unshackles us from toxic emotions, such as resentment and envy. 
  • Gratitude helps a person appreciate the people in their life and shift their focus away from negative feelings and thoughts.
  • Gratitude results in better mental health
  • Gratitude has lasting effects on the brain
  • Helps people appreciate others in their community
  • Helps create a more positive community or work environment

"When practising gratitude, we recognise that we are not ultimately producers and consumers but, above all, the recipients of blessings".  GK Chesterton

Why not put a wall up in your workplace, school, community space, etc., with appropriate safeguards?

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Geoff Knott, 12/04/2022

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