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Liverpool 246City transformation - Liverpool 

From a video from the World Prayer Centre, Birmingham

An encouraging story from Liverpool - a city that has seen enormous regeneration over the past decade. Sue Sinclair tells us what God has been doing in her city in a 3 min video below.

15 years ago, a prayer group started firstly to meet with the police and pray about the city. Instead of praying against the bad things, the darkness, they began to release the light, the blessing of God.

They began to pray for the demolition of poor, deprived, housing and to release new housing in prayer.

They began to release new businesses, new jobs and new employment.

They began to call in tourism and hotels and businesses.

Today they can look around the city that was broken just a short while ago and see a new
arena, business centres, hotels with more being built. Billions of pounds of investment has and is coming in. They can see a whole new film industry. Cruise liners returning to the port. 

They are now beginning to see spiritual transformation as well - this year alone they've seen hundreds of people given their lives to Jesus on the streets of Liverpool and...

Sue concludes, "Great things can happen in your city too when you just begin to release the goodness of God and to thank him for every step of breakthrough that you see along the way."

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From a video from the World Prayer Centre, 28/11/2017

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