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In a previous blog about the transformation that is on-going in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico which used to be the murder capital of the world, Ed Silvoso told the story of the start of transformation of the city.

Here is a follow-on story about the beginning of transformation of the schools.
In Mexico, in Cuidad Juarez, after the city was touched, they still had a problem with schools. They have 1000 schools. The pastor Poncho Morguia went to the school superintendent.  He asked this lady, "Would you give me ten schools, to take transformation to?" This lady was very skeptical. "No, I give you only one." "Why?" "Because I want to give you the very worst school we have. The school where everybody fails. The Clinton Foundation, the Lion's Club, every charity they tried, they failed. I'll give you that. If you succeed there, we'll talk about more." Poncho accepted that. That's all she gave, that's all he'd take.
They sent in spies. This is a school where a lot of the drug dealers send their kids. When the parent-teacher meetings happened, the father would show up, put a 45 gun on the table, and say, "How is my kid doing?" "Oh, very well. Straight A's." The teachers live in fear and terror there. Their students buy grades. Poncho asked, "Where are they getting the money?" They discovered there was prostitution in the school. This is in a public school. Intimidation all over the place.
They adopted this school, they blessed this school. They looked at this school in Christ, not in the natural. They mobilized intercessors, and then they said to the directors
at school, "We would like to take all these students to a covered stadium. An arena.” They took them. About 3000. In that stadium, they brought a guy who had the most miserable childhood. He attempted suicide seven times. Every time he failed, he got more depressed, because he wasn't even good at killing himself. His father abandoned him. He was abused in every possible way, but then the Lord restored him, and he moved to Mexico, just to give that message to small groups.
Now they gathered all the students and this guy, who could identify with anybody in the audience, began to talk to them about his own journey and his own childhood. People knew, "He knows how I feel."

Then he told them that God had placed on his way, several good mothers and fathers in the form of teachers, but he didn't recognize them. He ignored them, and he abused them. Then he took the plunge, and he said to the 3000 students, "Do you realize that whatever pain is out there at home, God put teachers here, to be surrogate parents, teachers that you're threatening, harassing, being cruel to them. Do you realize that? Do you realize that today, you can be empowered by extending an apology, by giving an apology and asking forgiveness, receiving forgiveness, and for that teacher to give you the covering that you don't have."
This is not a Sunday school. This is not a Christian camp. This is a public school, but they are caught. Then he said, "I'm going to turn down the lights of this stadium, and I want you to think about a teacher that you have been cruel and mean to and I'll tell you what to do.” They turned down the lights and put all the teachers in a circle on the playing surface. Lights came up, and he said, “If you realize that today you can access the power of repentance which will release the power to overcome, I want you to come down from those bleachers, and identify a teacher, and ask forgiveness." No choir, no music, no worship, no environment condusive to it. It was just the ekklesia in action.
For about three or four minutes, no one moved. The school superintendent, the lady who said, "If you succeed there, I'll let you have ten more. If not, you don't get anything," she's watching like a hawk, until a very petite girl comes down, and she goes straight for a teacher. She begged forgiveness. That cracked the dam. One after another, all 3000 came, weeping and crying.

You see, the devil has the gates, but we have the keys. For an hour-and-a-half there, it was an incredible revival. This lady who said, "You will not get that, until you prove it," she was crying so furiously that her mascara and makeup was all smeared down to her neck. She called the Governor and said, "Governor, this is it."


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Geoff Knott, 21/06/2016

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