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From the Diocese of London

Churches in the Diocese of London are creating This Time Tomorrow slots in their services to encourage congregations to pray for their church family not just on a Sunday, but on Monday, Tuesday and every other day of the week.

They are asking their neighbours at a Sunday morning service: ‘What will you be doing this time tomorrow? How can I pray for you in that?’ Many churches around London are finding this an incredibly helpful way to equip, commission and pray for their church families in their everyday roles.

It could be a simple interview time, inviting one or two people from the congregation to share a little of what they will be doing ‘this time tomorrow,’ and then taking the time as a church to pray for them.

Month by month as people share their stories the whole congregation recognises ever more deeply that ordinary Christians doing ordinary things are important to God.

Whether you’re a city worker, a full time mum, or retired, if you’re a plumber, a student or a professional sportsperson, God is interested in every part of your day-to-day – and you are an ambassador for Jesus Christ right where you are.

Why not introduce this into your gatherings - this Sunday could you ask: ‘Where will you be this time tomorrow?’ Think of the impact it might make.

You could use the video below to introduce the concept:

The video can be found here.

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from an article Diocese of London, 21/09/2016

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