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Happy New Year!

I've been looking at the tens of thousands of visits to the Word on the Streets website since starting in April 2016 and the number of visits to each blog.

Which ones were of most interest across the site regardless of category i.e. social renewal, marketplace renewal, life chances, hot topics?

Here is the list:

1. Resources for youth mental health
"Some people with mental health problems today are almost guaranteed to live a life in poverty. And the number of people who suffer from poor mental health is larger than you might think."

2. Hidden rules among classes
Hidden rules are the unspoken cues and habits of a group. If you are in a group, you understand these hidden rules and the danger is you take these for granted that they for everyone.

3. 4 basic rules to help you avoid poverty
From a fascinating article by Fraser Nelson about key factors of people who prosper. Those who observe them are highly unlikely to end up in poverty. Those who break them are unlikely to avoid it.

4. 11 resources for parenting - families and early years
"Families are the best anti-poverty measure ever invented. They are a welfare, education and counselling system all wrapped up into one. Children in families that break apart are more than twice as likely to....

5. Church of the poor - the barrier of middle class church
As part of the Church of Poor survey, we asked ‘What do you feel most hinders you becoming a church for (and of) the poor?’. What themes emerged?

6. Families in Britain - 6 themes
What is daily life really like for Britain’s families? 4Children began to dig deeper into the hopes, fears and aspirations of our country’s families. Their report identified six themes...

7. 'Every effective renewal movement has started with the poor'
In March 2016, the Bishop of Burnley spoke about urban estates at a conference. Some very thought provoking excerpts: "Our task as the Church is the transformation of a nation..

8. The effect of inter-parental relationships on children
The quality of the inter-parental relationship, specifically how parents communicate and relate to each other, is increasingly recognised as a primary influence on effective parenting practices and..

9. 6 resources to help relationships - families and early years
Let's look at resources that churches can use to help relationships...

10. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and future health
A multi-year survey of 17000 patients looked at their health and also asked what childhood traumas they had experienced. When the doctor conducting the research first saw the results, he was stunned. “I wept,” he says.

Many others were very close to making the top 10, but children and families, Church and the poor would seem to be the common themes. Reading or re-reading some of the above could help you rethink church activities in the coming year.

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Geoff Knott, 02/01/2017

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