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Support tool 246Web tool for advisers working with destitute migrant families 

From an article by NRPF Network

A new online tool to help Local Authorities and voluntary organisation advisers’ work out support options for destitute families with no recourse to public funds has been launched recently.

Many families living in the UK face exclusion from critical welfare benefits and social housing on account of their immigration status and the condition of ‘no recourse to public funds’ (NRPF). When a family’s ability to support themselves breaks down, children are at risk of being homeless.

Voluntary sector advisers and families can use the tool to find out:

  • if and when a family may be eligible to get help from social services (including emergency support options)
  • what the implications of any exclusions to support might be
  • what information may be required by social services
  • further information to help the family resolve their housing and financial difficulties before statutory support is required.

The tool was designed following a major study by the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) at the University of Oxford completed in July 2015,   'Safeguarding children from destitution: Local authority responses to families with ‘no recourse to public funds’ 
The Legal Education Foundation provided funding to develop an online tool to enable users to more easily navigate a family’s likely outcomes based on the parent’s immigration status, and understand eligibility for support.
The tool has been developed by a team at COMPAS, the Department of Social Sciences at University of Roehampton, the No Recourse to Public Funds Network at Islington Council, web company Soapbox and benefited from specialist legal input from Platt Halpern Solicitors. 

“The content we've read through seems clear and easy to navigate. The tool is going to be incredibly useful for our casework and I think it will really help clients to understand their options and entitlements better and increase their confidence to seek help; whether from statutory, legal or voluntary services.” Rose Haines, Refugee Support Operations Manager, South East England, British Red Cross:

Link to the tool here.

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From an article by NRPF Network, 01/05/2017

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