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What if the places where we live, where we work, where we spend our time, are opportunities for God's people to change the world? What if leadership, instead of being something to avoid, was in fact a gift from God which lets us join with Him as he builds His kingdom in the public square? What if we see places all around us where we can serve and lead for God’s glory and for the benefit of all?

Instead of waiting for the world to change, why don’t we go ahead and change it?

The Evangelical Alliance have created a 4 week 'Change the World' course for small groups.

This course is intended for anyone who is interested in playing a role in transforming society, whether through starting a job skills club for young offenders or becoming the national media spokesperson for a disability campaign. Leaders might include a CEO overseeing 1,000 employees, but also a retired, untitled person who runs the local foodbank. Despite their differences, both individuals are respected and listened to. Their thoughts and opinions can change the way things happen. At its core, leadership is about the use of authority and influence to change something.

We can all grow in better leadership and it is clear that our society needs more and better leaders.

Leadership in the public square affects everything outside the home and the Church. It’s the workplace or university, the school gates or the park, the local pub or the newsroom. There are leaders in politics, in business, in academia - all across society. If people can see what you do and hear what you say, and there is no expectation of confidentiality, then you are in the public square.

“It’s a fact that everything rises or falls on leadership. Whether in a small organisation, or an entire city, leadership sets the culture. This powerful resource is ideal in helping birth new leaders so we can make the biggest impact in our place”

Changing the world may seem like an impossible task. While some people have high-profile leadership roles, others may feel like they do not have the influence or authority necessary to make change happen. But if we understand the individual places where we are called to lead, we can all play a role in changing that part of the world we inhabit — the particular workplace, or campaign, or social network where we spend our time and our passion.

This 4-week course will help you and your small group to understand God’s call to public leadership. You will look at the big picture of the world we’re in, and our role within it. You will think about the purpose of leadership and how the church can not only support and encourage those in public leadership, but also benefit by releasing people to these roles.

And as more and more people commit to public leadership, the change we each make ripples out to affect the world.

Here's a 2 min intro video:

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A small group course from the Evangelical Alliance, 12/07/2017

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