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From an article by Kingdom Bank

So you are a church planter who wants to move into a new area? So you are a church worker who wants to buy a property? So you are a church that needs to buy housing for a social initiative?

Finding finance is daunting but there could be help..  Read this story.

Soon after Suzanne and Matthew Gregory got married back in 2001, they volunteered for a year with BMS World Mission. That year stretched into five, until in 2007 they became long term and supported missionaries. Initially they worked in Lebanon, moving to Albania in 2014 where they remain. It is a country that Suzanne describes as "beautiful with warm and friendly people, and that is gradually opening its doors to the West".

Today Suzanne is Head Teacher of a school, and Matthew works for a local NGO (non-governmental organization). Suzanne said "when we started out as missionaries we never dreamt that we would ever be able to buy our own home back in the UK. Over the years we had saved hard, and built up a small deposit, so in recent years we had started to look around. We went to several High Street lenders, and in every case we were told to come back when we had ‘proper’ jobs! It was very discouraging."

Then they talked to Kingdom Bank.

Kingdom Bank have always offered finance for churches but have widened the range of personal mortgages they offer, which includes a Personal Mortgage with Consent to Let.

Suzanne said "that changed our world, and the possibilities. We dealt with just one person, Susanna, who made the whole process so simple. It was a really positive experience. Shortly before Christmas we purchased our very own property, and we are now able to let it out while we continue our work in Albania".

So, if you are a missionary, a minister, or a church worker, why not talk to Kingdom Bank about buying property.

Disclaimer: Now the usual disclaimer. Our content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own research or take advice before taking out a financial product based on your own personal circumstances rather than rely on information presented here.




From an article by Kingdom Bank, 05/06/2018

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