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3DPrint 2463D printed low-cost housing 

From an article by ICON/New Story

In March 2018, housing non-profit New Story and construction technology firm Icon debuted a 3D printed home in Austin, Texas with planning permission (permits).

Several such initiatives exist to revolutionise low-cost housing but this project is focused on using 3D printing technology to house the homeless. While it's early days yet, they hope to produce low-cost 3D-printed homes in El Salvador by late 2019.

The proof of concept building measures 350 sq ft (32 sq m). It is hoped that the dwellings in the field will be double the size, more refined and include a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom, and a porch.

The mobile 3D printer, developed by Icon extrudes mortar out of a nozzle in a pre-programmed pattern, slowly building up layers until a basic house structure is formed. This is then finished by people who add windows, a roof, and fittings.

The concept home cost US$10,000 (£7,700) to produce and took 48 hours to make, including the finishing touches. New Story and Icon expect to reduce total printing time to 24 hours and lower costs to $4,000 (£3,100). Icon will also use the proof-of-concept house as its own office to get a better feel for how it performs.

Watch the 2 min video below:

Could you apply this locally to ease the housing shortage?

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From an article by ICON/New Story, 02/10/2018

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