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NACCOM 246Pathways out of destitution

From a video by NACCOM

NACCOM (No Accommodation Network) is a network of over 50 organisations in the UK seeking to prevent destitution amongst migrants with no recourse to public funds. Member organisations provide accommodation and support to asylum seekers, refugees and other vulnerable migrants, and NACCOM provides resources and support for their members.

At their Conference in September 2018, they launched a video - Pathways out of Destitution which features stories from some of their members and guests in Birmingham.

Here are some quotes:

"I am a destitute asylum seeker for six years. I lost hope because every evidence I could give I gave them but they keep on refusing."

"The worst thing is when the home office stopped everything - my benefit, my support, my house."

"They'll evict you from your property, they'll stop all of your income so you're left literally street homeless and destitute."

"The first thing is you lose is your dignity. You can be arrested anytime. You cannot work. It is like an open prison."

Hosting is where residents in the local community volunteer to take in an asylum seeker into their own homes.

"I've been hosting for a year and I had five ladies stay with me over that time period from four different countries. Over the course of the first week that someone stays with you the person literally transforms. You have somebody who's quite withdrawn who will generally become happy even if you can't speak the same language. I never anticipated that when I started hosting but it's such a wonderful thing and you can see how much of a difference that makes."

Watch the 7 minute video here:

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From a video by NACCOM, 23/10/2018

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