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Love Thy Neighbour is an initiative that was started by a small group of people living in the same street in Coventry. Initially starting as an annual Christmas get together, this group now meet to regularly pray for and practically serve their neighbours. The ultimate aim is to bring a foretaste of God's Kingdom to those whom He has placed us next to, in our houses and streets.

They have been so blessed by this that they wanted to share their experiences and encourage others to do the same - to do as Jesus commanded and 'Love our neighbours'.
The Love Thy Neighbour pack is designed to help and inspire you to reach out to the people whom the Lord has placed you amongst. Whether you have just moved into your area, are struggling to connect with your neighbours, or have lived in your street for years.

The Love Thy Neighbour pack has ideas and initiatives designed to help you start this exciting journey (from the very simple and practical ideas to the more courageous). Priced at cost, this is an ideal catalyst for your church, life group, or for you as an individual - to start to love your neighbour.

In the first 2 weeks of launch, over 200 UK streets were reached, with the ongoing motto being: Reaching the UK - street by street. Some early quotes: "This is just the catalyst we needed to get us started in our street" and "The packs are simple but effective - and at a low cost make them accessible to everyone who wants to make a Kingdom difference in their neighbourhood!"

The Love Thy Neighbour pack contains:

  • Introductory card:  Explaining background to initiative and general idea and purpose of pack.
  • 'Where to begin' card: With starter initiatives from 'praying for our neighbours at number 7' to more courageous activities.
  • Invite/Prayer cards: For handing to neighbours as initiative develops
  • Love Thy Neighbour pen: To record progress, prayer prompts et al.

Cost depends on volume. The price breaks are as follows:
Qty     £cost
5          20
10        36
25        75
50        135
100      250
Delivery: allow 10-14 days from payment.

To order or for more information - email Keith Foster here or keith @ (remove spaces)

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