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Grief 1 246Down to Earth - support before a funeral has taken place

From an article by Quaker Social Action

The Quakers have launched an advisory service to try to ease the stress caused by rising funeral costs.

Whether faced with an immediate bereavement or worried about future costs, they can support people to plan a meaningful funeral that is more affordable. Their experienced advisors have supported thousands of people across the UK to plan, reduce costs, identify ways to raise money, and get the right government support.

They have various downloadable resources. One of these is 'Ten steps to an affordable funeral'. Here's the headlines:

1. There is often no reason to hurry.
2. Shop around.
3. It’s your choice.
4. Think about deposits.
5. Is there money in the estate?
6. Check if you are eligible for government help.
7. There may be charities who can help.
8. Be careful with credit.
9. Make it meaningful.
10. If nobody is able to pay..

See more details here.

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From an article by Quaker Social Action, 18/02/2020

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