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vallejo 246Vallejo - the impact of the MTS Training Academy

From a video by Transform Our World

Here's an update regarding Michael Brown who dedicated his transportation company in California to God and also transferred ownership to all his employees. That was in the period 2002-2014 which is covered by another documentary and some of that film is in the video below.

Michael and his company are still  bringing transformation to the city. This update shares testimonies from law enforcement and political officials, including the mayor, about the impact of the MTS Training Academy. Through this programme they are seeing dramatic results as they minister to the re-entry population: people that have been released from prison and helping them get re-established in society.

Watch this 6 minute video:

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How can your organisation bring transformation to your town or city working in unity with church leaders?

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From a video by Transform Our World, 22/07/2020

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