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Boardroom 246Boardroom of the future?

From an initiative by B-Lab UK

B Corporation UK have always shone a light on the power of business to address the challenges facing people and our planet. They see that boardrooms can play a critical role.

They've launched a campaign, 'Boardroom 2030', which invites and equips businesses to explore what a 2030 future might look like and draw attention to the changes we must make to our boards today.

In many cases, board members are limited by the traditional rules and culture of business. There is an opportunity to engage key people involved with your business, tackle the challenges that lie ahead and make necessary decisions to futureproof your business and the world.

They suggest either an amended agenda to a planned board meeting or an additional board meeting held in Boardroom 2030 format.

What is that format?

  • Representation - consider who should have a seat at the table. How can you include your employees and the voices of young people? What about your suppliers, customers and local community?
  • The agenda - looking beyond the bottom line and the year ahead, what topics should be discussed? What should all businesses be discussing in boardrooms in 2030?
  • Decision making - how can you break away from the mould of traditional decision making to listen to the voices of all stakeholders? Can you vote on topics or include a youth panel in key decisions?
  • Setting the scene - where should the conversation take place to stimulate creative and forward thinking? How can you tap into the natural environment or your local community?

They suggest this could have the following benefits for your business:

  • Modelling a new way - explore and model what the future of board meetings and business could look like and join a community of pioneering businesses
  • Engaging with your stakeholders – involve your employees, customers, suppliers or your local communities in conversations about how your business might evolve to tackle the challenges facing its people
  • Learning and development – inspire your board and your teams by welcoming new skills and perspectives to equip your people for the challenges they face.

They have developed an Activation Kit for organisations to use.

See more here.

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From an initiative by B-Lab UK, 16/02/2022

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