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Ripple 2 246Own your own source of low cost green power 

From information from Ripple Energy

Ripple Energy offers people part-ownership of a wind farm alongside thousands of others as a co-op. This gives consumers direct access to the UK's cheapest source of electricity - helping reduce bills as well as carbon footprint.

How does it work? Watch this 1 minute video:


Onshore wind is the lowest CO2 source of power. Wind generates electricity at a low and stable cost for its 25-year lifetime. This lowers and stabilises electricity bills for the long term. It's 65% cheaper than rooftop solar and shared ownership alongside thousands of others is way cheaper than going it alone.

In less than 10 minutes, a wind farm will generate enough electricity to power the average UK home for 1 year. By 2030, 64% of the UK's electricity could come from wind. Onshore and offshore, there are 11,000 wind turbines in the UK. A wind farm will deliver 25 years of zero carbon power.

This could be used personally or by churches or by state agencies e.g. local government for their premises.

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From information from Ripple Energy, 09/11/2022

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