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Masaka 246Masaka Creamery

From a video by Faith Driven Investors

Masaka Creamery in Rwanda was started in 2016 with backing by Faith Driven Investors and now has created 54 jobs - half of which are for people with hearing impairments.

Henriette Mutemaraba is one of them and she comments, "Working in Masaka Creamery has changed a lot in my life. I can now afford rent and food for myself. My life is as good as other Rwandans. Other companies did not care about me because I am deaf. They would ignore and look down on me and this would make me feel unwanted. But coming here and meeting other youth with the same disabilities has brought joy into my life. We can chat, share stories, play and learn from each other. God has gifted us with different talents. You can hear or speak but still be incapable of doing certain things as you can be deaf but be capable of doing great things"

A manager adds, "I can say that it's a blessing for the company and also to the community to employ youth with disabilities or hearing impairments. I've come to realize that actually they're not disabled because they are so committed. I've never seen such a committed team like our team here. They put passion into what they do."

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From a video by Faith Driven Investors, 07/12/2022

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