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Policy recommendations re Adverse Childhood Experiences - 3
A look at six policy strands in the legislative theme of 'Building capability and capacity in services and communities for trauma-informed best practice'.
Policy recommendations re Adverse Childhood Experiences - 2
A look at policy strands in first legislative theme; Building knowledge and expertise of trauma-informed best practice by creating a cross-government, multi-agency group of practitioners to establish and promote.
Policy recommendations re Adverse Childhood Experiences - 1
As the UK increasingly becomes ACE-aware through various initiatives, there are policies that have been enacted in USA and Canada since 2014. Analysis of such legislation reveals a great awareness of the effect of ACEs.
The repair of intergenerational trauma - James' story
How a childhood of trauma and adversity led James to feel despair, loneliness and rage. Walk with James as he begins to heal and create a new and hopeful future.
The Resilience Challenge
What information, if it were flowing through the people of your community, would start them on a journey together toward really strong, healthy living? Could your church be instrumental in doing this?
Harvard study shows the dangers of early school enrolment 
Children haven’t changed, but our expectations of their behaviour have. They are increasingly required to learn academic content at an early age that may be well above their developmental capability.
Story of a trauma-informed school
Children are coming to school already in a state of anxiety and they do not need anyone adding to that anxiety. We're not punishing children because they are behaving badly, we're trying to understand what has happened to them.
The lasting effects of childhood trauma 
Have you ever met a person who woke up one morning and says, "My ambition is to become an addict." When people are in tremendous pain, their range of choices is limited and not only that their brains are affected by those early experiences.
Opening Doors - creating a trauma informed workforce
A video to open discussion on knowing how to adapt the way companies work to make a positive difference to people affected by trauma and adversity. Trauma is everybody’s business.
More than eight in ten men in prison suffered childhood adversity 
Children who experience ACEs are more likely to adopt health-harming and anti-social behaviours as adults, are at much greater risk of poor health throughout life, and may have greater needs for support from healthcare and other public services.

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The Adverse Childhood Experience Conference 2020 - Wakefield
@National Coal Mining Museum for England New Road Overton WF4 4RH
This full day conference will bring together an eclectic mix of thought leaders to explore the effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences and trauma on a child and consider the impact that this can have on their learning, development and overall wellbeing. The day is intended to give multi agency professionals a deep dive into understanding children and young people who have been affected by any kind of trauma and how they can relate to them, assist and support them in order to reduce harm. There will be a range of speakers and workshops throughout the day. We look forward to seeing you there to begin these crucial conversations and build these critical professional networks.

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