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Pancakes on the Porch
Everyone has a need to have connection and community. You're building relationships with a sphere of people you would never normally hang out with. Have the faith to say that if I take the first step I think that God will take take it further.
The 'experimental revolution' in business 
A fundamental shift in the way businesses make decisions is taking place. Traditionally, running experiments has been the domain of scientists, but managers across industries have been adopting them to inform decisions at an unprecedented scale.
How to get better at changing your mind
"Finding out that I was wrong is the way I’ve learned something. Otherwise, I’m just living in a world that’s dominated by confirmation or desirability bias. And I’m just affirming things I already think I know."
Should doctors prescribe kindness?
A doctors' practice has developed a parenting programme of events, lessons, and tools promoting kindness. Practicing kindness and purpose benefits children and helps kids care for others and flourish themselves.
My Dream, My Taste 
People are losing a public sense of what 'the good life' is and replacing it with their own individualised version which changes according to day-to-day tastes. They have become detached from the larger story of deep meaning.
No Crying at the Dinner Table 
A film that highlights the common stigma in families against expressing emotional vulnerability. It presents a portrait of intergenerational trauma, grief, and secrets about things left unsaid.
What does it mean to be a Christian entrepreneur? 
There are hundreds of Christian entrepreneurs who struggle with anxiety. Why? It relates to identity. It comes from a feedback loop that doesn’t come from their time in Scripture, but from society at large.
A vicar meets his Muslim parishioners 
It is important that I can explain Christian truths to my Muslim friends. And I do so out of friendship, a relationship of mutual respect. They may not engage with it, but many have no idea what Christianity is about.
Redemptive entrepreneurship 
A vehicle and language for vocation. How do I live who am I called to be if I'm not called to be a pastor of a church? How are we equipping people to actually do the work of the kingdom through the work of their calling?
Who I am in Christ 
“I am no longer a product of my past, I am a product of the work of Christ on the cross.”. What does this mean? I am Accepted, Secure and Significant in Christ..
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Online and In-Person - Everything Conference 2022
@King's House 242 Pentonville Road, N1 9JY
Christian mission often focuses on spiritual and social renewal but what about cultural renewal? What part should that play and how should we go about it?

The Everything Conference exists to equip followers of Jesus to work for the renewal of culture and the flourishing of their communities.

We are so excited to be gathering once again for our next Everything Conference, both in-person and online. After the past 18 months, we believe that now more than ever the world needs followers of Jesus who make positive contributions to culture wherever we find ourselves.

This year we're hosting the conference in King's Cross, London, and will also be streaming it live so that you can join us from wherever you are. We will have guest speakers from different areas of culture, sectors, and life-stages sharing their stories with us, and plenty of opportunities for prayer and worship so that we can make space to listen to God and discover what He is calling us to do. 

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