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Beneath the Ink
In Zanesville, Ohio, USA, tattoo artist Billy Joe White has started a crusade to "erase the hate" and has offered to cover up swastikas, Nazi images, and other hate-filled ink for free. He's been very busy.
Ethics and artificial intelligence 
AI systems learn by looking at data from millions of examples. It is difficult to predict how they’ll behave in new scenarios outside these examples. How can we get artificial intelligence systems to behave ethically?
Thought for the day
Kelly Stewart is an employee at Taco Bell in Camillus, New York. She always tries to include an extra serving of inspiration with her customer orders by taking the time to write inspiring quotes and encouraging anecdotes on the back of customer receipts.
Insights into cultural renewal
Everything Conference report - example after example of Christians who are very clearly renewing the cultures they find themselves in, and doing so in effective, winsome and undeniably Christ like ways.
Fostering meaningful romantic relationships 
Dating takes social courage and we need to teach our young people the virtue of social courage.
Culture Makers 
A call to Christians not to forget the rest of life and ask the question: ‘What should I be doing in my world to bring God’s redemptive love and power into it?’
Why beauty matters 
“At every level of the human experience, we are looking for the beautiful, something that gives priority to our souls, not just our physical needs.”
Pressed for time? 
Is time scarcity because people simply have less free time today? There is little evidence for this. Instead, it may come from a surprising culprit..
The Church and the World
Christians around the world today find themselves in very different contexts than they did 40 years ago - need to think differently about the people among whom they live and work.
Bullying Junior 
Each year approximately 30% of students worldwide are the target of bullying.  Lives are lost or forever changed. How can we challenge such behaviour?

Events (2 found)

The Happiness Course Leaders Training Day - London
@Livability Head Office,, 6 Mitre Passage,, London, Greater London, SE10 0ER
This day will train you to run Livability’s “The Happiness Course” in your community. The Happiness Course is a four session course based on scientific research, ancient wisdom and real life experience. Participants can apply the course to improve their own happiness, and churches can use it to make their community a happier place. The Happiness Course was developed by Livability to support churches in having meaningful conversations about happiness and wellbeing. In every session we talk about our experiences, examine what science tells us, and then explore practical tools that we can use during the week. The course starts by asking the simple question ‘What makes you happy?’ It then examines four different kinds of happiness – pleasure, success, relationships and meaning.
Theology Slam | Live Final - London
@St John's Hoxton, Pitfield Street, London N1 6NP
What does theology have to say to our culture’s biggest questions? Hear three of the UK’s best up-and-coming young theologians, selected from a broad pool of entries, as they bring essential reflections to some of the most pressing issues of our time. Topics range from race, populism, and the environment to #MeToo, austerity, and beyond.

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