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There's never a right time to start a business 
If you can carve an amount of regular time into your busy diary, do not underestimate the power of what you can achieve. Our lives, whatever we do, don't stop us from building a business - it's the perception of our time.
A social enterprise that helps young people from diverse working-class backgrounds into the creative, digital, tech and film industries. “I’m really sometimes overwhelmed by what these young people achieve when we do make an intervention."
Tiny farms
Sparking the creation of a swarm of biointensive microfarms that can be run by people with other jobs. Clusters of these farms can supply regional food to supermarkets, caterers, schools, etc within a radius of 50 miles.
The importance of prayer for entrepreneurs 
Why would my business look the same as someone who didn't know God? One of God's favourite ways of growing our businesses is by growing us. He does like to work internally as well as do things for us externally.
Discipling entrepreneurs in church to live out their faith 
Entrepreneurs want to connect Sunday to everyday, work to their faith and make an impact for the kingdom. Why not form a group and let them work through an 8-week Foundation series - videos, guides, etc?
The 5 vital signs of a scalable idea  
Some ideas that initially seem so promising fail to work on a bigger scale - voltage drops. There are five specific and universal causes of voltage drops and how to avoid them. If these can be overcome then...
How migration has shaped who we are 
The Migration Museum explores how movement of people to/from Britain has shaped identity–as individuals, communities, a nation. New Exhibition shines light on role migrant entrepreneurs have played in shaping our lives.
BizMin - equipping a generation of Christian entrepreneurs to do business as ministry
A 10 session course for Business owners and leaders - Kingdom Entrepreneurs - who have unique opportunities and responsibilities in the Kingdom of God.
The Flourishing Business Canvas
The Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit is a management innovation to enable leaders to design their flourishing enterprise: socially beneficial, environmentally regenerative and financially viable.
Entrepreneur: Don't worship work
Solomon identifies four areas of work life that disappoint us. Entrepreneurs need to keep a close eye on each of these, lest well intended efforts become vapour. Solomon also has four truths to help avoid the dangers..
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In-Person - The Wonderful Summit - London
@Hackney Church Lower Clapton Rd, London
Gathering a generation of entrepreneurs, creators, investors, innovators and world changers.
A day of sharing big ideas, hearing from the pioneers and learning from, and connecting with, entrepreneurs, investors, creatives and innovators.
The Wonderful Summit combines inspiring stories from keynote speakers, expert panels sharing practical advice, Lab workshops for you to get hands on and networking to connect with other entrepreneurs and innovators making a difference.

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