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Repair Cafés 
In a Repair Café, you’ll find tools, materials to help you make repairs you need; clothes, furniture, appliances, bicycles, crockery, appliances, toys, etc. You’ll also find expert volunteers, with repair skills in all kinds of fields..
Developing commercial farmers - creating path to land ownership for the poor
Agros purchases large tracts of land and invites landless families to join a village, where members buy for their land by building agri-businesses and working cooperatively.
Unshattered - ending the addiction relapse cycle
They save 3000+ lbs of fabrics, textiles from landfill yearly. Women with lived experience use reclaimed material to create unique, handcrafted handbags, etc - making a difference for planet and themselves.
The Flourishing Business Canvas
The Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit is a management innovation to enable leaders to design their flourishing enterprise: socially beneficial, environmentally regenerative and financially viable.
Decarbonising transport
Two examples of green innovation. Replacing a diesel transport refrigeration unit could be the equivalent of removing 31 cars from the road and solar foils which can be customized to any vehicle rooftop.
How do young people see the world differently? 
The Changing Childhood Project was created to better understand what it means to be a child in the 21st century. What is it like growing up today? And how do young people see the world differently? Answers...
The hidden impact of the smartphone industry 
20 years ago we couldn't imagine a smartphone and now we can't live without one. Our constant demand for newer and better phones has a huge impact on the environment. One manufacturer is trying to change this..
Bringing nature into your town
La Riche decided to plant an urban forest in the community to lower temperatures and bring the nurturing elements of nature into an urban setting. They launched an online engagement platform for residents to choose a location.
Putting nature at the core of business strategy
After building a strong foundation, with new products e.g. plant-based gouda + cheddar, Willicroft are making every decision, whether related to packaging, supply chain or energy, on effect on the planet.
Tools to help your organisation achieve net zero emissions
The B Corp Climate Collective has partnered with Oxford University to curate a set of tools to guide you on the path toward achieving net zero emissions by 2030 while taking a human-centric, climate justice-oriented approach.
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Events (3 found)

In-Person - Creation Restored: Ministry in a time of climate crisis - Swindon
@Pattern Church Penzance Drive Swindon
An inspiring and challenging day for all in church leadership - lay, ordained, youth or environmental! - to share in fellowship, and explore the challenges, sensitivities and opportunities of leading church life in a time of climate emergency.
Held at the Pattern Church in Swindon, with guest speakers from across the UK.
In-Person - Sustainable Leader Conference - London
@Central Hall, Westminster
Whether it's the global covid-19 pandemic, the cost of living crisis, climate change or the war in Ukraine, recent history has shown us that investing in the future sustainability of our businesses, communities and climate is essential.
Future sustainability requires innovative thinking now. That’s why this year, the Salt Network Conference is bringing together leading voices from business, policy, finance and development for a day of keynotes, networking and workshops so that together we can build impact driven businesses that last.
The Salt Network Sustainable Leader Conference is creating an opportunity for leaders from across sectors to engage with the key issues of sustainable leadership, sustainable organisations, sustainable finance and sustainable planet, and hear from those pioneering the way forward. ?? 
Online - Quakers and Business Conference 2022: Coping Ethically with the Challenges of the New Workplace
Focusing on ways of improving business both for workers in the business and business owners where relevant. The event includes high quality guest speakers, workshops and opportunities to talk to other attendees. 
In the wake of the pandemic we have the cost of living crisis, war in Ukraine and the deepening climate emergency. How can we face these challenges with faith and hope for the future of our workplace? 
We face a plethora of practical, moral and ethical dilemmas. Are resilience, adaptability, and the ability to pivot in a new direction the ways to a new future?
If we can survive and cope - can we profit from the new workplace? 
Is a new ethical approach the route to sustainable prosperity?
How do we respond to these challenges?

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