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Becoming a carbon neutral church
There are various sources of information to help you to manage and reduce the carbon footprint of the church i.e. the people and the buildings/events. What actions can you take?
99 good news stories in 2019 
Good news stories of conservation, health, rising living standards, tolerance, peace, cleaner energy and environmental stewardship. We need to change the stories we tell ourselves.
Aiming to help one billion people reduce food wastage 
Olio's app prevents food waste by connecting neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away.
Powerhouse - a house which is 100% off-grid
A solar powered, ready-to-move-in, eco-friendly, smart home in India. Pre-fitted with electrical and plumbing systems that can be controlled remotely. For £18,000, buyers can have clean energy for their home and e-vehicle, free for life.
Last Sunday in month is car free day in 20 cities in Ethiopia
Designed to reduce pollution, improve health and encourage socialising, cities are now going car-free on one Sunday a month and running community workouts on newly traffic-free roads.
Advancing well-being in an inequitable world - 2
The Thriving Places Index is a new way to look at the strengths and challenges of the place where you live in England or Wales. It shows whether the conditions are in place for people to thrive – in a fair and sustainable way.
There will soon be more trees than people in Milan 
The Italian city revealed plans to plant 3 million trees by the year 2030. If successful, they will absorb an additional 5M tons of CO2 a year, 3000 tons of small particulates over 10 years and lower temperature by 2C.
The SDGs Game
The 2030 SDGs Game participants wake up to the systemic impact they already have. They see ways they can take action to make positive change that they previously had not considered.
Can being in nature speed up healing?
At Oslo University Hospital, sick kids aren’t confined to bed. They fish, chop wood, shoot arrows and paint pictures, all in a woodland cabin 650 feet from the building.
Community fridges
More than 50 Community Fridges have popped up across the UK helping thousands connect to their communities, access nutritious food, save money and reduce waste.
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God, Your Work, & the Environmental Crisis - London
@LICC, St Peter’s Vere St, London W1G 0DQ
Our environment currently faces profound threats. Every kind of company and organisation will need to be involved in transforming our economy and society for a sustainable future. As workers, each of us is an integral part of a corporation or organisation that can hurt or help that goal. But do we have the conviction and influence to change things – and could it really work? Can our faith spur us on to the task? Where can we even begin to change our complicated systems?

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