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Shelter design can help people recover from homelessness  
The interior design of homeless shelters or transitional accommodation can either support or hinder people’s ability to assert control over their future and their self-esteem.
Community-led housing - policy and case studies 
Why and how Councils are enabling and supporting community-led housing (CLH), together with case studies.
StART Haringey 
A community group In North London aims to build 800 homes on a former hospital site, 75% of which will be genuinely affordable to local residents.
Community-Led Development
A look at community involvement in local planning which can then lead to self-build schemes as well as neighbourhood improvement.
Self-build housing - a win, win, win? 
With the housing shortage increasingly acute, groups and LAs around the UK are looking to community self-build as a potential solution.
Housing First - experience of a pilot 
In Manchester, Shelter are running a 2 year Housing First pilot working with people with complex needs. Some results are being seen.
A place to call home? 
A set of six bible studies for small group discussion focusing on a range of issues around housing.
Clergy Hosting 
Clergy Hosting is clergy offering hospitality to homeless migrants or refugees.
An agent of reconciliation
"We felt convicted that relational poverty, like material poverty, is a form of injustice. Without reconciliation this wonderful neighbourhood could never reach its potential and Jesus’ prayer for it to “be on earth as it is heaven”
Housing affordability - costs undermine living standards
New research by the Resolution Foundation goes beyond the question of house prices and looks at the proportion of household income spent on housing – including rent, mortgage repayments and service

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Winter Night Shelter Training - London
@London Diocesan House 36 Causton Street London SW1P 4AU
Before the Winter Night Shelter season starts this timely training is aimed at raising the confidence and competence of churches as they encounter increasingly complex needs. Covering the following areas: Supporting Refugees and Migrants Winter Night Shelters and Trafficking What Benefits can our guests access? Mental Health Drugs and Alcohol

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