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Protecting your relationship from becoming a Covid-19 victim  
Due to lockdown, we are going to have multiple opportunities to share aspects of ourselves with our spouses and loved ones. There will probably be times when we are not at our best. 5 tips to help.
Space to Breathe - wellbeing for staff
“Soulful Wellbeing for School Staff” days take teachers out of the classroom for the day and give them tools for self-care and to establish healthy habits around wellbeing. Measured impact high.
Beneath the Ink
In Zanesville, Ohio, USA, tattoo artist Billy Joe White has started a crusade to "erase the hate" and has offered to cover up swastikas, Nazi images, and other hate-filled ink for free. He's been very busy.
Tranquiliti - wellbeing of students at the heart of school strategy
Technology generating student-led insights into key drivers of academic success, while directly supporting students’ flourishing.
Policy recommendations re Adverse Childhood Experiences - 1
As the UK increasingly becomes ACE-aware through various initiatives, there are policies that have been enacted in USA and Canada since 2014. Analysis of such legislation reveals a great awareness of the effect of ACEs.
A medicine for stress
How do you minister to a young man who when younger lost his father, his two uncles, his grandfather, his security, his home and his health in one traumatic episode?
Learning about faith and mental health
A couple of training/learning resources to help churches/small groups learn about mental health from a faith context.
Advancing well-being in an inequitable world - 2
The Thriving Places Index is a new way to look at the strengths and challenges of the place where you live in England or Wales. It shows whether the conditions are in place for people to thrive – in a fair and sustainable way.
No Isolation robot
Enables children with long-term illness to virtually attend school, socialise with classmates and remain connected. It becomes their eyes, ears and voice in the classroom.
A wellbeing discovery programme run by Liveability where people learn horticulture, conservation, maintenance and rural craft in a tranquil setting, building confidence, making friends and having fun.
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Bishop of London’s Faith and Mental Health Lecture - London
@St Bartholomew the Great, West Smithfield London, EC1A 9DS
The Bishop of London, the Rt Revd and Rt Hon Dame Sarah Mullally DBE, is not only one of the most senior Bishops in the Church of England but former Chief nursing officer for England. As such, the Bishop is uniquely placed to offer important insights and vision for the interplay between faith and health for Christians, the church and for the communities they seek to serve.

In this lecture Bishop Sarah will explore how we can lower the barriers to honesty in talking about mental health. Addressing questions of vulnerability and shame she will ask what cultural shifts are necessary if those who are struggling are to find a voice. Can we be liberated from the fear of judgement and repercussions in the workplace and our communities? How can we make a step-change in normalizing conversations around mental wellbeing? What particular contribution might faith communities make in responding to what has been called a mental health epidemic?
Resilience Film Screening with Panel - Hull
@Trinity Methodist Church 247 Newland Avenue Hull HU5 2EJ
Resilience: The Biology of Stress and The Science of Hope is a one-hour documentary, directed and produced by Robert Redford’s son, James, that delves into the science behind how extreme or prolonged stressful experience in childhood can affect brain development, leading to health and social problems across the lifespan. This is now recognised to be a leading cause of many physical, mental and social issues. The film has been used in communities around the world to raise awareness of adverse childhood experiences and initiate discussions and actions to prevent and mitigate their effects. If you are a parent, professional working in education, children’s services or mental health, a counsellor or trainee counsellor, law enforcement, health services or just interested in the impact of adverse childhood experiences, then this film is a must see for you. “The child may not remember, but the body remembers.”
Mental Health, Isolation and Loneliness - London
@2nd Floor Meeting Hall Diocesan House, 36 Causton Street Westminster SW1P 4AU
An evening hearing from churches & organisations working to help support those in the community with mental health, isolation and loneliness; an evening to share ideas, good practice and network. CapitalMass in partnership with Livability.

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