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Grief - coping with loss of identity 
"A friend whose husband died over a year ago. She knew she would grieve for him, but she was also grieving for the person she was when he was alive. She felt she had lost that person."
Understanding and responding to grief 
How can you help someone grieving a loss? Grief may feel like a rogue wave that rises from one day, or even one moment, to the next, but you can help others ride out the wave and sail to a calmer sea.
At a Loss - bereavement support
A coalition of Christian organisations has developed resources to help the Church support the bereaved. Especially important due to Covid-19 and the large number of people who are, and will be, seeking help.
Bronnie Ware, a nurse who counselled the dying in their last days, revealed the most common regrets we have at the end of our lives. We don't know when our life will end but there is hope. Hear from the wife, husband, children and the Stranger..
End-of-life priorities within the UK homeless 
In the UK, people experiencing homelessness die, on average, 30 years younger than the general population. Their priorities at the end are somewhat different than those of the general population.
The beatitudes for today
Blessed are the.... How does the most famous sermon in history still apply? The Beatitudes Project film features change-makers from all over world. Hosted by Stu Garrard of Delirious?, the result is a disruptive and surprising journey.
Down to Earth - support before a funeral has taken place
The Quakers have launched an advisory service to try to ease the stress caused by rising funeral costs. They can support people to plan a meaningful funeral that is more affordable.

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