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The case for Living Wages
Paying living wages throughout core operations and the value chain strengthens business performance, resilience, stability, while delivering measurable social impact and enabling more effective delivery on human rights obligations.
Facing the poverty tsunami
COVID, conflict, climate change are some of challenges driving tsunami of poverty already crashing into lives of vulnerable people, communities around the world. An extra 1bn people will live in poverty. How can business help?
'We heard God say He was going to connect us to the poor in spirit'
Using the Kickstarter scheme, they created job placements with Christian firms, for 18-24 year olds on universal credit, plus mentoring and a course. Many are now on a faith journey..
Work: The Bigger Picture
God is intensely interested in how each of us uses the talents, resources, power, opportunities, and freedoms he’s given us at work. And why wouldn’t he be? He loves us.
Pureflow - a founder's story
There are over 1M motorcycle drivers in East Africa and less than 20% own their bike. Pureflow's lease-to-own program gives opportunity to own. This creates sustainable income, opportunities to save, and financial independence as well as kingdom growth.
How businesses can shift from social responsibility to social change 
Including people with lived experience of social problems in identifying, implementing solutions creates impactful, sustainable social change in ways not possible with just board decisions.
The miracle of the dirt
The site that needed levelling was solid rock in every direction, the dirt/gravel needed would bankrupt him. John turned to prayer and the Lord revealed that something big was going to happen that day...
21st Century Pioneers: Faith, enterprise + social purpose 
Christians are playing a key role in purpose-driven businesses, social enterprises of all sizes, across the UK and a wide range of sectors. Working in business is a vocation for many. Renewal is happening today and needs to be encouraged.
Developing commercial farmers - creating path to land ownership for the poor
Agros purchases large tracts of land and invites landless families to join a village, where members buy for their land by building agri-businesses and working cooperatively.
If I led Levelling Up – local changemakers speak
"We know that at hyper-local level, people understand what causes of concern are. They are careful with public funds, are prepared to work together to get best impact. Levelling Up needs to build on this."
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Events (1 found)

Online - Stronger 2023
Content brought to you live across five days that will inspire, equip, and raise faith. As with all that we do, the event is about strengthening your faith and helping you impact the world as you respond to the calling of God on your life.
We will be looking at these 6 themes across the conference:
Leadership & Influence
Kingdom & Culture
Digital & Social
Communication & Media
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Business & Finance

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