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Worth It
The old way of treating employees as an expense to be minimised is not effective as treating them as valuable assets and human beings. It hinders growth and keeps everyone from realising their full potential.
Basic patterns of impact businesses
An analysis of 500 example organisations having social impact showed 12 different groups of businesses with 24 sub-groups. All solve social problems through business action.
Charity takeovers
Should regulations allow dynamic charity takeovers? Currently, charities can consider merging but the number that do that is very small (0.1% of charities). Is the sector therefore risk adverse, inefficient with lots of duplication?
Risk, Reward and Values
Kingdom entrepreneurs are people whom God has gifted with the ability to create and innovate enterprises, culture, products and services in a way that demonstrates human redemption. They are being prophetic to their world.
Unleashing the potential of young people 
There is a shift in the important skills to develop for future workforce - social and emotional in nature e.g. empathy, creativity, leadership, adaptability. Business leadership essential to address skills gap.
Addressing human trafficking in your own backyard
David Batstone is a venture capitalist, business professor, PhD in theology. He discovered his favourite Indian restaurant had trafficked 500+ girls, aged 14 to 19 for forced labour. So what did David do?
Toxic workplaces increase risk of depression by 300% 
A year-long study has found that full time workers employed by organisations that fail to prioritise their employees’ mental health have a threefold increased risk of being diagnosed with depression.
Surveillance Capitalism: the hidden costs of the digital revolution 
An economic order built by aggregating human experience as free material to predict, manipulate behaviour and sell, resulting in great wealth, knowledge and power in private companies.
The 'experimental revolution' in business 
A fundamental shift in the way businesses make decisions is taking place. Traditionally, running experiments has been the domain of scientists, but managers across industries have been adopting them to inform decisions at an unprecedented scale.
Beating the bias in AI 
As organisations implement machine learning algorithms, it is crucial that we understand the implications of the biased decisions AI can make. ETIQ have built tools to detect and stop the bias, unfairness and bad decisions.
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Events (2 found)

Online - Tummler School - meet Karen Davies, founder of Purple Shoots
Tummler is a Yiddish word for people who are hired to get a party going, which is how Grow Social Capital regards community changemaking.

How do we get government, banks and wider society to do more to support people in disadvantaged communities who want to help themselves by starting or growing their own business, yet will often get refused finance or be held back by bureaucratic rules?

That’s the challenge facing inspiring changemaker Karen Davies, who started a pioneering charity, Purple Shoots to provide microfinance and support for over 700 Welsh businesses.

Karen will be sharing an exclusive insight into what motivates her to commit herself to such life changing work, the influence of her Christian values, and just how others can seek active community engagement to contribute to a positive impact on society.
Online and In-Person - Everything Conference 2022
@King's House 242 Pentonville Road, N1 9JY
Christian mission often focuses on spiritual and social renewal but what about cultural renewal? What part should that play and how should we go about it?

The Everything Conference exists to equip followers of Jesus to work for the renewal of culture and the flourishing of their communities.

We are so excited to be gathering once again for our next Everything Conference, both in-person and online. After the past 18 months, we believe that now more than ever the world needs followers of Jesus who make positive contributions to culture wherever we find ourselves.

This year we're hosting the conference in King's Cross, London, and will also be streaming it live so that you can join us from wherever you are. We will have guest speakers from different areas of culture, sectors, and life-stages sharing their stories with us, and plenty of opportunities for prayer and worship so that we can make space to listen to God and discover what He is calling us to do. 

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