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Life in 6 words
Jason "Propaganda" Petty, a rap artist reflects on Life in 6 words - that spell G.O.S.P.E.L.
why on earth...? 
A lively collection of sessions that opens up some of life’s hardest questions in an accessible way. Each session offers simple first steps in exploring a difficult subject.
Detached youthwork - threats and opportunities
SU suggests the Church only reaches 5% of young people in UK. Why not try detached youthwork? Here's 10 aspects of detached youthwork that could be viewed either as threats to or opportunities for the Church.
Youthscape Film School 
Building a community of young Christians on YouTube who are using their gifts and skills to share their faith. Learn from professional filmmakers and improve your creative, filming and editing skills.
Where can I get a bag like that?
Saddleback Leather is a business that supports ministry/missions, but also has a mission all its own — loving people, especially customers and employees.
How come you guys don't give up on us?
There is something very persistent and consistent about the activity of a Christian community, committed to serve and committed to remain.
Illuminate your city
Illuminate is a mission to young people in the UK and beyond. They do this nationwide, through music, mainstream presence, schools tours, using music to connect with young people and effective follow up.
Being a witness for God in the marketplace
"We're always on display and I think that's the way God intended it. So many times whenever we interact with people, people are watching us."
Joy and disappointment in mission 
We tend to share about positive responses to outreach but we don't hear about the disappointments. What happened when a Mission Community in Sheffield got out onto the streets to share the love of Jesus.
In the West, the church is less and less effective at reaching a changing world but many in the church continue to believe the church maintains a central role in the life of culture. Time to ReThink.

Events (4 found)

Blended Festival 2018 - Fresh Expressions Conference - Ely
@Ely Cathedral (West Entrance) The Gallery Ely CB7 4DL
‘Blended’ will explore how Inherited Church and New Christian Communities can partner together to grow the Kingdom of God. Mainstage: throughout the day six 'Mainstage Conversations' will be presented which explore key pioneer issues. Side Stages: ‘Live’ Experiences’ will run throughout the day, providing an opportunity to join in with different examples of Fresh Expressions of Church plus Q+A.
New Parish Conference UK 2018 - Birmingham
@Saint Martin in the Bullring Edgbaston Street Birmingham B5 5BB
What happens when followers of Jesus who have been fostering life giving roots in their neighbourhood begin weaving connective links with one another across places? Encouragement happens... Collaboration happens… Transformation happens. A Movement Begins! Are you a ministry or community leader that wants to grow the fabric of love and care in the neighbourhood? Join hundreds of practitioners for the 5th annual New Parish Conference.
The Happiness Course Leaders Training Day - London
@Livability Head Office, 6 Mitre Passage, London, London, SE10 0ER
This day will train you to run Livability’s “The Happiness Course” in your community. The Happiness Course is a four session course based on scientific research, ancient wisdom and real life experience. Participants can apply the course to improve their own happiness, and churches can use it to make their community a happier place. The Happiness Course was developed by Livability to support churches in having meaningful conversations about happiness and wellbeing.
Reaching the World on your Doorstep - London
@Emmanuel Church, High Street, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1AS
A day conference to look at how we might befriend, engage and share the journey to the Gospel with those around us, especially neighbours coming from different faith and cultural backgrounds especially South Asian neighbours. The day will include personal stories, presentations, discussion, Biblical reflections, prayer and ideas to help us to understand our mission fields and engage with others, introducing them to our Lord Jesus, through our friendship, actions and words.

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