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Lessons for pioneer pastors
Benjamin Francis was a rural pastor. English wasn't his native tongue. He was a bivocational farmer-pastor who looked after a small congregation in a small village. Yet in his ministry, he baptised 450 people. Lessons...
A story of ‘Regeneration and Rest’ 
It started with prayer. Little local ‘houses of prayer’ began praying in their geographic locations and prayer walking the streets all over Whitby and the surrounding villages asking God to send revival.
Can a scientist believe in miracles? 
“When I was an atheist, I'd get cross at discussions…on how Jesus’s miracles could be physically explained. To me, once you believe in God, a supernatural being, then it’s obvious that supernatural stuff can happen."
City transformation
One thing we have learned is that when you have purpose plus unity plus communication, you have unlimited potential. We, the Ekklesia and authorities and others, have the same vision - to see our city transformed. God is connecting us.
How nearly everyone can start a microchurch
Practical ideas based on Scripture, examples, context, to help your friends encounter God and help you lead microchurch. You can keep your job, remain linked to home church, and lead a small congregation.
'My city is God's city'
Can we see a harvest of people coming to Jesus in our town or city? Being transformed by the life changing gospel of Jesus? Bringing about healing in the city that we love, in the city that He loves? Declaration, prayer, blessing.
'The Guy' versus the Five-Fold Team 
If you reimagine church as a decentralized network of multiplying missionaries, microchurches that fill a city, region with the fullness of Jesus, then this requires a shift from centralized leadership to decentralized.
Four key shifts facing the Church
"What would a collaborative, dynamic, authentic, sacrificial, generative and innovative community of Christlike leaders look like?" Four key shifts could help transition to answers to this question. They are..
'We heard God say He was going to connect us to the poor in spirit'
Using the Kickstarter scheme, they created job placements with Christian firms, for 18-24 year olds on universal credit, plus mentoring and a course. Many are now on a faith journey..
Work: The Bigger Picture
God is intensely interested in how each of us uses the talents, resources, power, opportunities, and freedoms he’s given us at work. And why wouldn’t he be? He loves us.
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In-Person - Fresh Expressions: Leadership in the Liminal - Swanwick
@The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Alfreton, Derbyshire
Leadership in the Liminal*
*Liminality (from the Latin word līmen, meaning “a threshold”) is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation in the space occupied between one thing and another. 
In a rapidly changing world, and in a church trying desperately to discover what the ‘new normal’ might be, the liminal experience is very real. Do our inherited models of leadership work in such a context? Is a new approach required?
fx is pleased to be hosting a hybrid gathering of congregation leaders, church planters and pioneers from across the missional landscape, and we’re delighted to be welcoming four high-quality contributors to guide us in our conversations.
Online - Wisdom Lab: The Common Good
Right and left. Traditional and progressive. Old and young. Rural and urban. In these turbulent times, our public square is fragmenting, as a number of different worldviews and ideologies jostle for top spot. And as secularism takes hold, Christianity doesn’t have the cultural authority it once did – indeed, faith perspectives are often ignored, maligned, or misunderstood.
Yet it’s in the public square, our workplaces, our neighbourhoods, our families that Christ has called us to live as salt and light, bringing out the God-flavours and God-colours of the world.
So, how might we live distinctly, whilst partnering with those around us – however different their views may be – to pursue the common good? How might we live as a creative minority, to ‘seek the peace and prosperity’ of the places God has put us (Jeremiah 29:7)? How can we use our influence to join in with God’s redemptive work?
In-Person and Online - The Passion of Jesus 1200 and 1515 - London
@Trafalgar Square, Westminster, London
Supported by the Mayor of London, one hundred Wintershall players bring their electric and moving portrayal of the final days of Jesus to this iconic location in the capital.
The 90-minute production is completely free of charge - a gift to Londoners and visitors.
No tickets are required. There is a performance at 12 noon and 3:15 pm. The production is open air with visibility maximised using large screens. There is a realistic interpretation of the crucifixion so parental guidance is advised. British sign language interpretation is provided.
Online - Coming Home to a Foreign Country
Returning to the UK/Passport country can feel like returning to a foreign country when mission workers have been working overseas for a long time. It’s even possible that their children were born overseas and may have never experienced life in the UK/Passport Country for more than a few weeks, so with a whole range of 'progressive' ideologies with a focus on identity politics to consider, it can be daunting and confusing for those 'coming home'.

How can we support parents and children to prepare for the adjustment when their 're’-entry transition comes? How much do they know from online sources, and what else do they need to know?

During this online event we'll discuss some of the key cultural changes to be mindful of, and attendees will also have the chance to hear from three different mission workers who have returned 'home' to learn about some of the challenges they faced. The event will conclude on a practical note with a clear checklist designed to help us help navigate their return.
In-Person - Identity, Mission and Citizenship: Intergenerational diaspora conversations - London
@Evangelical Alliance, 176 Copenhagen St, London
A day of considering issues around identity, mission and citizenship across generations of diaspora communities in the UK. Presentation of research will inform.
In-Person - Not Forgotten: Finding Treasure on the Margins - Swanwick
@The Hayes Conference Centre Hayes Lane Swanwick
If you are involved in planting and pioneering in urban estates, or are interested in learning from those who are, join us for 24 hours. There will be space for prayer and worship, time to build and renew friendships and a line up of speakers who will be telling their stories and bringing us inspiration. All hosted by Emmanuel Theological College and the Estates Evangelism Task Group.
We will gather pioneering urban practitioners with key thinkers and leaders in the church for a time of equipping, theological reflection and inspiration as we pray, listen, share stories and consider what God is doing in the often forgotten places.  
Online - Unreached23 - The Peacebuilding Imperative
The focus will be on God’s mission to create peace between all peoples, through Jesus Christ, and how we can play our part.
As every year, there will also be a wide range of seminars and break-out spaces with mission practitioners from across the globe, sharing their wisdom for wherever you find yourself on the cross-cultural journey.
“All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation.” II Corinthians 5:18  
As guest speakers we welcome Owen Hylton (London, UK) and Michael Feulner (Yalova, Turkiye) to offer different perspectives on what God is doing in his desire to create a new, multi-racial redeemed family through the church.

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