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The world is more prosperous than it has ever been 
Of the 167 countries measured and tracked for prosperity in the Legatum Institute's 2019 index, 148 (88% of the world’s population) have seen an improvement in their prosperity since 2009.
99 good news stories in 2019 
Good news stories of conservation, health, rising living standards, tolerance, peace, cleaner energy and environmental stewardship. We need to change the stories we tell ourselves.
Eight principles for faithful preaching among people experiencing poverty
How do I communicate or preach in a housing scheme/estate? Do I have to change things to preach into a non-literate culture? Do I have to dumb things down? Do I have to shorten my sermons? How does someone prepare a sermon?
Advancing well-being in an inequitable world - 2
The Thriving Places Index is a new way to look at the strengths and challenges of the place where you live in England or Wales. It shows whether the conditions are in place for people to thrive – in a fair and sustainable way.
Advancing well-being in an inequitable world - 1
What can we learn from multiple countries about advancing well-being—a notion of health that extends beyond the absence of disease? Need to radically expand the definition of progress to include well-being as a complement to economic vitality.
The SDGs Game
The 2030 SDGs Game participants wake up to the systemic impact they already have. They see ways they can take action to make positive change that they previously had not considered.
How to make poverty history? 
We need to get rid of some intellectual weeds; the idea of a poverty line, a main cause of poverty is about people and their decisions, we can reduce poverty by focusing on the poor, that redistributive or targeted programmes are key to poverty reduction.
What makes your neighbourhood work? 
Finding and mobilizing a neighbourhood’s assets. An overview of Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) and its four essential elements.
Purple Shoots
A not-for-profit microfinance organisation, set up to tackle unemployment and economic problems in communities. Helps people on benefits or a low income to start their own businesses, lending to people who are excluded by the traditional lenders.
Estates evangelism
In February 2019, the Bishop of Burnley, Philip North, spoke on a motion to have a church community on every significant social housing estate in the nation.

Events (2 found)

The Wealth Within - London
@Homeless Link Minories House 2-5 Minories London EC3N 1BJ
This free course from Expert Link will help you to recognise and understand the incredible skills that you have, give you the tools you need to recognise and ask for what you want, and help you make a positive change to yourself and your world You will learn: How to get rid of the labels that are given to us and understand our stories, skills and talents. The importance of giving and receiving feedback as a way of being kind to ourselves and others What our values are and how these help us to connect with people How to develop what we want, from a flat request to a big picture change! The Wealth Within has been developed by people with lived experience of multiple disadvantages, for people with lived experience of multiple disadvantages.
Reaching the Unreached 2020 - Encouraging people in Council Estate ministry - London
@London City Mission London City Mission 175 Tower Bridge Road London SE1 2AH
Encouraging people in Council Estate ministry. This is the 7th RTU conference for peope involved in Council Estate ministry! This year, we'll be focusing on how we can encourage people to continue living on the estate for Jesus, and how to deal with people moving away. We're also asking people to email in questions (once they've registered), so we can cover these as well. We hope to see you there!

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