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City transformation
One thing we have learned is that when you have purpose plus unity plus communication, you have unlimited potential. We, the Ekklesia and authorities and others, have the same vision - to see our city transformed. God is connecting us.
Forgiveness and releasing a sense of entitlement
God started to speak to her about things that had gone on in her life. She says, "We want to transform the world which God wants too but there were things in my life, my family, which were not dealt with.".
'My city is God's city'
Can we see a harvest of people coming to Jesus in our town or city? Being transformed by the life changing gospel of Jesus? Bringing about healing in the city that we love, in the city that He loves? Declaration, prayer, blessing.
Praying for patients
"Am I allowed to share my faith and pray with patients? What if I get struck off?" Pray with people, but at their request. Respond to people's questions with compassion and respect. A look at what the Bible and professional bodies do and do not say..
The importance of prayer for entrepreneurs 
Why would my business look the same as someone who didn't know God? One of God's favourite ways of growing our businesses is by growing us. He does like to work internally as well as do things for us externally.
The reason he's still alive is because you've been praying over us as a family
My neighbours are scattered. I realised I've been driving past them for 46 yrs and not praying. A few weeks ago, I began praying over them. Then something amazing happened..
The miracle of the dirt
The site that needed levelling was solid rock in every direction, the dirt/gravel needed would bankrupt him. John turned to prayer and the Lord revealed that something big was going to happen that day...
He said, 'It's everywhere!'
Many people pray who would not consider themselves religious. ‘Trypraying’ is written for them. It’s in accessible language and is a simple challenge to try praying for 7 days and see what happens.
Integrating work and faith - 2
There are believers in every domain of work, in every single pathway that you can imagine, who are living out their faith in these really profound ways that they often don't even recognise as being particularly profound.
The mental health benefits of prayer 
Prayer plays a significant role in helping those who have experienced trauma and live with mental health consequences. It is a vital way many people use to cope with everyday life and trauma history.
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Events (2 found)

In-Person - Community of Practice - Releasing a Movement of Missionary Disciples
@St John's Westwood Coventry
The overall theme of the CoP is ‘Releasing a Movement of Missionary Disciples’.
And the 4 strap-lines to go with that will be:
  • A movement founded on breakthrough prayer  
  • A movement fuelled by a disciple-making process
  • A movement furthered by micro-planting
  • A movement fulfilled in city-reaching
Online - Christians in Media Lunchtime Prayer Meeting
The Lunchtime Meeting is free and welcome to all so no matter what part of the media industry you work in or with, please do join us.
A time for us to come together and be encouraged. We've had great feedback, people have told us:
'Hearing from others helps you feel less alone in what you do. Can sometimes get great ideas too.'
'Brilliant to meet other Christians in media, sharing prayers, concerns & hopes.'


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